Black Friday Holiday Shopping Dangers Don’t End in Stores- Beware of Parking Lot Accident Risk

When considering the dangers of Black Friday holiday shopping, most people immediately think of the risks presented in stores. The risks in retail establishments are not insignificant, with stories each year of people being trampled or getting into fights and even firing weapons.

Knowing the risks in stores while shopping for Black Friday merchandise is important but our Spartanburg personal injury lawyers believe that it is also essential to be aware that the dangers don’t stop in the shops. In fact, one of the most dangerous places on Black Friday is the parking lot outside of malls and retail establishments.888970_guess_my_ride.jpg

The Deadly Risk of Back-Over Accidents
According to a November MSN Money Article, Black Friday car accidents — including those in parking lots — are on the rise. These accidents can be deadly, especially for children and older adults who drivers may not see and who may not be able to get out of the way in time to prevent being backed over.

MSN Money has compiled a number of statistics related to Black Friday car accidents, especially those in parking lots, to help illustrate the dangers of parking lot accidents. According to their information:

  • 25 percent of Black Friday car accident claims made to Progressive Insurance occurred in parking lots.
  • 12.57 percent of Black Friday car accident claims made to Progressive involved someone getting rear-ended.
  • 11.13 percent of Black Friday claims made to Progressive involved parked cars being struck.
  • 7.68 percent of Black Friday claims involved one car backing into another.

Passengers in cars that are struck are in danger of being injured by the impact, even though the accident did occur in a parking lot and/or even if the vehicles were moving at a relatively slow speed. Soft tissue damage and whiplash are some of the most common injuries that occur in low-speed and low-impact collisions, especially in rear-end collisions where a driver is thrust forward and then forcibly backwards.

Those who are struck or rolled over when they are walking in a parking lot, however, are in the most danger. Accidents involving a pedestrian may cause serious injuries or even be deadly as the pedestrian has no protection to cushion the impact of the striking vehicle.

Avoiding Black Friday Auto Accidents
Avoiding Black Friday accidents, especially back-over accidents in parking lots, should be very important to every person going out shopping on this famous retail holiday. Avoiding crowded parking lots, parking away from the crowd and walking in groups through the parking lot can also help, as can ensuring you look carefully before crossing or walking behind a vehicle that has a driver inside it.

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