Tourist Injuries in North Carolina

Going on vacation to North Carolina provides the opportunity to enjoy many recreational activities. Unfortunately, some of these activities can be dangerous and a fun vacation event can sometimes cause injury or even turn deadly.

Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys encourage visitors to the state to be cautious when engaging in risky activities. This means participating in tours and trips only with reputable tour operators and considering the inherent dangers of any recreational activity before participating during your vacation. 956448_parasailling.jpg

Parasailing: A Dangerous Pastime

On Ocean Isle Beach, parasailing is a popular activity for adventure-seeking tourists. Unfortunately, for two women vacationing in the area in August of 2009, their parasailing trip ended in disaster. While the women were parasailing, a strong wind blew up. The wind snapped the line that connected the parasail to the tow-boat, Tied High. The women plummeted into the ocean and were dragged toward the town’s fishing pier. Unfortunately, the News Observer reports that the incident resulted in the death of both women from blunt force trauma.

The captain operating the boat pled guilty to maritime negligence. The incident was attributed to his failure to check the weather prior to going out on the ocean, a failure that was considered to be unreasonable in its carelessness.

Other Risks for Tourists
While this incident was tragic, parasailing is not the only potentially dangerous activity that tourists partake in. Boating, jet skiing, biking, hiking and even driving a car on unfamiliar roads can all be dangerous to visitors to North Carolina.

Visit NC reported that an estimated 36.8 million people visited North Carolina in 2010 and that some of the top reasons for the visits included:

  • Going to state and national parks
  • Hiking or backpacking
  • Nature travel
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Visiting beaches
  • Fresh or salt water fishing
  • Biking

All of these activities can be dangerous, especially with an inexperienced or careless guide.

Suffering an Injury When on Vacation
Being injured far away from home presents many complications to visitors. Often, you’ll need to get treatment at local hospitals, especially for serious injury, and it may be several days or weeks before you are well enough to leave the hospital. This means it may be difficult for you to travel home immediately and you may be far from friends and family who can provide you with the support so often vital to recovery.

There may also be complications associated with making a claim against the person responsible for causing the injury. If you are harmed by a North Carolina tour operator or a driver within the state of North Carolina, you need to take legal action within the state — you cannot just go back to where you are from and file a lawsuit.

We understand the challenges inherent in seeking recovery on behalf of out-of-state victims and each member of our team is dedicated to seeking justice on behalf of you and your family.

Contact the Spartanburg personal injury attorneys at Lee Law Offices, P.A. if you or someone close to you has been injured in an accident. We offer free consultations to injured consumers in the Carolinas. Call 1-800-887-1965 to speak to an injury lawyer today.

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