Booze It & Lose It Campaign Stresses Importance of Sober Driving This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a notoriously dangerous time for drivers for several reasons. One problem is that there are usually more people driving, including kids going home for the holidays or people driving to celebrations or family visits. A bigger problem, however, is that the holiday time is a time when people may go out for drinks and end up driving home at the end of the night. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous and to help cut the increased risk of DUI accidents over the holiday season, North Carolina has launched the Booze It & Lose it Campaign.

Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys urge everyone to remember the lesson of the Booze It & Lose it Campaign. The campaign is designed to remind the public that drunk driving has serious consequences. These consequences can mean an arrest and going through the criminal justice system, but they can also be even more tragic and involve car accident injuries or deaths. 906611_thirsty.jpg

North Carolina Booze It & Lose It Campaign
Booze It & Lose It is a public education campaign that reminds drivers about some of the serious drunk driving dangers as well as the serious drunk driving consequences. The campaign also involves an increase in law enforcement on the roads. Officers will be out in full force up through January 2 to try to spot holiday drunk drivers and to stop them before they hurt themselves or someone else.

According to the Booze It & Lose It brochure prepared by the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program:

  • A drunk driver kills someone ever 45 minutes on average.
  • One out of every three car accident deaths involving a teenager is related to alcohol. Car accidents are the number one cause of death for teens.

These frightening statistics underscore the importance of staying sober. Those who drive drunk and hurt or kill someone can be charged with a crime and can spend time in prison. They may also be sued by the person who was injured or by surviving family members of the person who was injured.

The Booze It & Lose It campaign brochure also explains to drivers some of the risks of being arrested for DWI. Even for a first conviction, the brochure explains, you can have your driver’s license revoked for a year, be fined between $200 and $4,000 and spend between one day and 24 months incarcerated.

Staying Safe This Holiday Season
The Booze It & Lose It Campaign and the increased law enforcement presence is one reason to avoid drinking and driving over the holidays. However, ultimately the most important reason not to drink and drive is because you could hurt or kill yourself or someone else- and for this reason, everyone should make a commitment not to ever drive drunk either through the holidays or beyond. All too often, it is innocent victims who are injured by the choices made by drunk drivers and these victims may have to cope with the losses for the rest of their lives.

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