New App Helping to Improve Pedestrian Safety

There’s a new way to help you to get around safely. It’s the WalkScore app and it’s helping pedestrians to pick the safest walking routes, thereby improving their safety along the way.

According to Transportation for America, this app helps you to see the good, the bad and the ugly about the walkability in the places where you live.
Now, the app is more interactive than ever. iPhone users can upload their own photos to point out dangerous areas. Users can even comment and vote on these pictures. The app will even provide the highest-rated routes and tours.

Our Asheville pedestrian accident lawyers understand that pedestrians are some of our most vulnerable travelers. They have virtually no protection against the weight and power of motor vehicles. Unfortunately, drivers aren’t looking out for pedestrians. Distractions, such as phone calls and text messages, are taking attention away from pedestrians. They’re being overlooked all too often and they’re being involved in some serious — or fatal — traffic accidents.

Whether you’re looking to move to a new area or you just want to get to know more about the areas you walk, this app is here to help.

It’s not all bad news. It’s designed to be a fun and interactive, too! Pedestrians are urged to stop and point out the more lighthearted features of their walk. Shoot a photo of a decorative water fountain, capture a shot of the local dog park or even upload some pictures of the greenery in your area. This is a chance to brag about the good in addition to pointing out the bad.

“We’re excited, because this is the first thing we’ve done that moves beyond numbers to the esthetic and qualitative,” said Matt Lerner, co-founder of the app.

Those behind the app are hoping that it serves as a useful tool for pedestrians across the country. The hope is too that it helps to shine light on dangerous areas and get the message to transportation officials. Oftentimes, dangerous areas are never addressed until a fatal accident happens. This is going to help to raise awareness, save lives and make changes.

There were close to 4,500 pedestrians who were killed in traffic accidents in the U.S. in 2010, according to There were another 70,000 people injured in these kinds of accidents. Many of these accidents were the fault of roadway design and many were the fault of poor driving habits. Both of these factors can be changed!

Just as pedestrians are working to make walkways safer throughout the area, motorists need to do so as well. Be cautious and alert out there — help keep our walking friends safe. Keep the distractions at bay and follow all traffic laws. Pedestrians have right out there. Their safety relies heavily on your driving behavior.

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