Toy Safety Tips This Holiday Season

During the holidays, kids often receive many toys from friends or family as gifts. While this should be a joyous occasion, sometimes the influx of new products into the house creates an unintentional risk. The problem is that some of the toys coming into the home might be dangerous and may present a risk to the children who play with them.

Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys urge parents to exercise extra vigilance around the holiday and to take the necessary steps to make sure their children aren’t put at risk. Learning about toy recalls, making sure that toys are age appropriate and monitoring play with new toys can all be important to help keep kids from becoming the victims of injuries caused by defective toys over the holiday season. 1076955_vibrant_gift.jpg

The Risks of Toy Injuries
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a report in 2010 that indicated that toy recalls are down and that toys may no longer be linked to as many fatalities. In fact, their report seemed to present a lot of goods news for parents. It indicated, for example, that there were only 44 toy recalls in 2010. This is significantly less than the 172 toy recalls that occurred in 2008 and also reflects a small reduction from 2009 when there were 50 toys recalled. The number of deaths caused by defective toys has also been reduced- only 15 kids died in 2009 down from 24 fatalities in 2007 and 2008.

The news isn’t all good though. CPSC reports indicated that there had been an increase in the number of ER visits related to toys, although many of those visits may have involved injuries caused by play with the toys and not necessarily by toy defects.

The Greensboro local Fox 8 News, however, has information for parents that may be more alarming. Fox News 8 reported that the U.S. Public Interest Research Group had released an annual Trouble in Toyland report and had found potential problems with more than 200 toys. Issues included a Dora toy guitar that exceeded permissible noise limits, for example, while a dragster car had a tiny warning label and small parts, thus creating a choking risk for children.

Protecting Your Child
The undisputed fact remains that there are still dangerous toys on the market and that the holiday season is a time when your child may be at the greatest risk since there tend to be more toys coming into the house during this season than during other times of the year.

Parents who want to protect their children should make sure that they check the CPSC website that posts up-to-date information on toy recalls and recall news. Parents should also be sure to take a close look at toys that they purchase or that are given to their children. In assessing whether a toy is appropriate to play with, parents should consider whether it is safe given the child’s age and whether there are any parts or pieces of the toy that could create a risk.

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