Excessive Speed Leads to Three Deaths Near Asheville

On New Years Day this year, a car with three teens was traveling on Brevard Road in southern Buncombe County, North Carolina. According to reports, the car with the teen driver was going much faster than the 45 miles per hour permitted on the road, and much too fast for the wet conditions on the road. Unfortunately, the speeding teen lost control of the vehicle as they were going around a sharp curve and they collided with a tractor-trailer. 834002_nospeed.jpg

This devastating accident shows the incredible dangers of driving too fast, especially on slippery pavement. Our Asheville injury attorneys urge every driver in the state to remember this tragic accident and to make a decision never to drive at an unsafe speed — particularly when weather conditions are already poor.

Speeding Leads to a Devastating Crash
According to the Asheville Citizen Times, the three teenagers involved in the New Years Day accident on Brevard Road were going much too quickly. They entered a sweeping rightward curve and their vehicle went out of control, crossing over the center line. On the other side of the road was a tanker truck driving northbound and hauling milk. The tanker truck was driven by a 53-year-old Mills River man who was hurt in the accident but whose injuries were not life threatening.

The three teenagers died at the scene of the crash. Although it was raining, early reports on the cause of the crash provided by Highway Patrol troopers indicated that the main cause of the wreck was not the bad weather but the excessive speed around the curve. While there are no indications that there was alcohol involved in the accident, the teens were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. The absence of a safety belt put them at significantly greater risk.

Speeding is Always a Risk, But Especially for Teen Drivers
The accident shows just how dangerous speeding can be, especially in less-than-optimal weather conditions. Drivers who prioritize staying safe and avoiding a crash should always drive not only under the speed limit but also at a speed that is safe given their location on the road and given the state of the road. This means that when drivers are going around a curve, especially a sharp curve, they should slow their speed. Drivers should also slow their speed when it is necessary to go more slowly in order to be safe on slick pavement or in times of low visibility.

Unfortunately, teen drivers often fail to drive at a safe speed or fail to recognize the dangers involved in speeding. Teen drivers are less capable of driving safely when they are going too fast since they have limited driving experience. The fact that most teens don’t know how to respond to dangerous driving conditions coupled with the fact that teens are likely to make riskier choices behind the wheel, helps explain why the number one cause of death for young people is auto accidents.

While this accident is a terrible tragedy that has shattered three young lives and forever changed the lives of the family members left behind, it is also an important reminder that it is never ever safe to drive too fast and that the risks of speeding just aren’t worth the nominal gains.

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