Speedy Mover Accused of Killing Passenger in NC Traffic Accident

A Greensburg man who was in the middle of moving to North Carolina was killed in a recent one-vehicle accident. According to TribLive, the man died on scene on Route 17 right by River Bend. State Highway Patrol reports that the man was a passenger in the vehicle.
Media reports indicate the vehicle was heading south just before 4:00 a.m. when the accident happened. The vehicle reportedly veered off the road, into the median and the driver lost control. After traveling in the median, the driver completely lost control, flipped over and slid sideways into lanes of oncoming traffic. The passenger was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead on scene. The driver was taken to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. Officers say that the driver was speeding when the accident happened. Charges are currently pending.

Our Greensburg car accident lawyers understand that the faster a driver is traveling the higher their risks are for an accident. Speed is actually considered a factor in about a third of all accidents. According to Smart Motorist, exceeding the speed limit by only 5 mph in the wrong place can be dangerous. Local governments and traffic engineers have spent plenty of time working on creating appropriate speed limits for roadways across the nation. The speed limits are not there to slow you down, but they’re there to help to keep you safe. Still, about 90 percent of drivers admit to speeding at least once during their driving career. About 75 percent of drivers say that they commit this offense regularly.

Traffic engineers maintain that speed limits should be established according to the 85th percentile of free flowing traffic. What this means is that the limit should be set at a level at or under which 85 percent of people are driving. Numerous studies have shown that the 85th percentile is the safest possible level at which to set a speed limit.

Drivers who speed are more likely to engage in other dangerous driving habits, too. Some of the most frequent dangerous driving behaviors include tailgating, horn honking, Frequent or unsafe lane changes, light flashing, deliberate obstruction, failure to signal, drunk driving and more.

Speed Limits in the state of North Carolina:

-Rural Interstates: 70 mph
-Urban Interstates 70 mph
-Other Limited Access Roads: 70mph
Just because these are the speed limits on interstates and other fast-traveling roadways, that doesn’t mean it’s the speed limit everywhere. You’re urged to remain aware of speed limits on all roadways that you travel. In residential areas, remember that the speed limit is usually 30 miles per her. Keep an eye on your speed and help to improve your safety! When traveling on high speed limit roadways, make sure you’re keeping your distance from other vehicles. The closer you’re traveling to another vehicle the less time you have to react to a roadway danger. Travel cautiously, travel the speed limit and travel with safety in mind.

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