Back Injuries Common After Car Accidents – NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Suffers Compression Fraction

According to Washington Post Sports, Denny Hamlin flew home to North Carolina on Monday March 25th to be evaluated by a specialist at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates. 467188_draft.jpg

Hamlin had been eagerly awaiting his return from a Southern California hospital where he was airlifted after an accident at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana sent him careening into the inside wall on the last lap of Sunday’s event. In fact, the Post reports that he tweeted his desire to just go home several days ago. The Nascar driver was in the hospital awaiting his return to the Carolinas because he had suffered a serious back injury after a car accident while racing. Our Carolina car accident attorneys know that Hamlin, like many other accident victims, may have a lengthy recovery period as a result of the damage to his back.

Hamlin Suffers Back Injury
Hamlin is the driver of the No. 11 Toyota and was participating in Sunday’s Auto Club 400 at the Auto Club Speedway. His car came into contact with Joey Logano as both were exiting the fourth turn of the two mile raceway. Unfortunately, Hamlin’s vehicle then struck the inside wall and Hamlin was injured.

Hamlin’s injuries consisted of a compression factor of his L1 vertebrae. This is one of the vertebrae (bones) along the spinal cord. A compression fracture is a collapse of the vertebrae caused by trauma. There was concern that the back injury would necessitate surgery. However, after the Nascar driver was evaluated in North Carolina, it was determined that no operation would be necessary.

While he does not need surgery, Hamlin will still have a lengthy recovery period. According to the Nascar website, he may be out for as long as six weeks and could miss at least five races as a result of the injuries.

Back Injuries from Car Accidents
Hamlin’s back injury occurred under unique circumstances as part of a NASCAR race. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that even people who don’t drive for a living are at risk of getting into car accidents and could suffer serious back injuries as a result.

Car accidents typically result in pressure and impact traveling from the car into your body. You may be abruptly thrust forward or backward in the crash and, in many cases, your back absorbs the force of the impact and/or is bent out of position.

Some of the common car accident back injuries that occur include lumbar sprains and strains; fractures of the lumbar or thoracic vertebrae, and herniated discs. Soft tissue and spinal cord injuries are also common results of auto accidents that can necessitate expensive recovery and impose significant limitations on your mobility.

The accident involving Denny Hamlin underscores how long the recovery process can be when a back injury happens. Unfortunately, ongoing medical care and treatment over a six week period can be very expensive. Those who aren’t NASCAR stars and who are hurt in auto accidents during a regular drive will need to ensure they can cover their costs during recovery. A lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash can be the best way to ensure the bills get paid.

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