NCDOT Wants Your Opinion on Bike and Walk Plan

Officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) are all about getting you to your destination as quickly as possible — if you’re in a motor vehicle. But now, officials are also working on a draft of a statewide biking and walking plan.
The Statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan has officials looking to determine how the state is going to invest in these modes of transportation. Officials are working on a blueprint that will help to improve biking and walking in communities and they’re looking to do it by investing in bike lanes, sidewalks and greenways.

Our Asheville personal injury attorneys understand that residents can add their two cents about this plan. All you have to do is visit Walk Bike NC, review the plan and let officials know what you think. Remember to do it quickly! If you want to submit your comments, you better do so by April 30th.

How do these investments help us?

-Biking and walking helps to promote physical, social and mental well-being by helping to provide outdoor places to exercise, relax and socialize.

-Helps to provide easy biking or walking connections between schools, neighborhoods and trails.

-Increases property values, helps to promote tourism and works to foster local businesses by encouraging these easy and convenient modes of transportation.

-Helps to improve overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, biking and walking in NC may not be the easiest — or the safest. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were close to 25 bicyclists who were killed in traffic accidents in North Carolina in 2010. Pedestrians were no safer. As a matter of fact, they were worse off. In 2010, North Carolina saw close to 200 pedestrian fatalities.

Until we get those much-needed sidewalks and bike lanes, we’re turning our attention to drivers. It’s important to remember that these travelers have a right to our roadways, too. We need to treat them with the respect of any of driver out there. Be sure to keep your distance from these travelers as they’re much more likely to be seriously injured, and even killed, in the event of an accident. They don’t stand a chance.

Walkers and bicyclists are asked to do their job, too. Stay as far away from vehicular traffic as possible. Make sure drivers can see you — wear bright-colored clothing and make your maneuvers predictable. When you’re crossing the street, the most important thing to remember is to make eye contact with drivers before doing so. You want to ensure that they see you.

Drivers are asked to be safe out there, and be on the lookout for our two-footed and two-wheeled friends. Their safety relies on you!

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