New Information on Traumatic Brain Injury Could Lead to Medical Breakthroughs

Our Winston-Salem accident attorneys know that traumatic brain injury has devastating symptoms including cognitive and memory problems; seizures; mood changes and a host of other medical complications.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury can occur for lots of different reasons including car wrecks, sports injuries, slip and falls and workplace injuries. In many cases, your injury can not only cause you immediate problems but could also result in neurological impairment later in life. 880737_brain_001.jpg

Treatments of traumatic brain injury are limited, preventing future neurological damage impossible, and many people do not ever fully recover when they have suffered brain trauma. Unfortunately, this can mean that those who are injured need lifelong medical care and cannot work. Doctors and researchers are continually looking for solutions to help those suffering from brain injury and to find new ways to prevent permanent harm from occurring. A new study may represent a breakthrough.

New Study on Traumatic Brain Injury
According to a March 6 publication on Medical Xpress, researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic have discovered that the degeneration resulting from brain injury may be caused by an autoimmune response, similar to multiple sclerosis (MS).

Researchers indicated that certain types of head injuries or certain traumas to the brain can result in the blood-brain barrier opening up. They recognized that S100B was found in the blood samples of football players after the players completed a game, even though the players did not exhibit any evidence of having a concussion at the time.

S100B is a protein marker that is known to be commonly found in brain injury victims. When you have S100B in the body, antibodies are triggered to fight it. These antibodies accumulate in the blood, and they may cross the blood-brain barrier and leak into the brain. When the antibodies leak into the brain, an autoimmune response is triggered. It is this autoimmune response, similar to the response that occurs in MS patients, that may cause the lasting neurological problems suffered later in life by head injury victims.

Based on this finding, it is possible that researchers may now be able to identify new drug therapies that help victims of brain injuries to better recover and avoid long term complications. It may also be possible to develop vaccines that can prevent long-term neurological damage resulting from serious brain injury.

Taking Action After You’ve Suffered a Brain injury
While the research is promising, brain injury victims will not find any easy or immediate cures to their health issues nor is there currently a way to ensure that a brain injury you sustain will not result in you suffering from serious neurological impairments later in life.

The person or entity that caused your brain trauma should be required to pay for all damages caused by their actions even if some of those damages- the later neurological impairments- are not immediately apparent. A lawyer can help you to review or negotiate your settlement and, in conjunction with projections from a medical doctor about your future health, can help you to ensure you get the money you’ll need to care for your medical issues.

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