Swimming Pool Safety Tips for the Spring Season

In July of 2012, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services sent out an alert urging people to use caution around water. The alert was sent out after six accidental drowning deaths had occurred in the state since Memorial Day, two of which involved kids under the age of 18. 1340372_infinity_pool_4.jpg

Our Charlotte swimming pool accident lawyers know that swimming pools are an attractive place to be on a summer afternoon and that kids and adults alike are drawn to pools to cool off. Unfortunately, swimming pools and other bodies of water are dangerous places where people of any age could drown within just a matter of minutes. As the weather gets warmer, it is important to keep the risks associated with swimming pools in mind and to ensure you are doing everything possible to be safe.

Safety Tips for Swimming Pool Owners
Pool owners are the first line of defense when it comes to swimming pool safety. If you have a pool in your home, it is very important to ensure that the pool area is securely fenced and that children are not able to get into the pool unsupervised.

If you leave the gate open or your pool is accessible to kids, you create a dangerous situation where a child could be hurt or killed and you could become liable. This is tragic for everyone involved, with the child losing his or her life and the pool owner potentially subject to a lawsuit.

Pool owners also need to be careful of their own kids, family members and friends. No one should use the pool without supervision or a buddy there with them, and safety equipment should be accessible from the pool. Refraining from alcohol (and making sure other swimmers do too) and avoiding swimming when overtired are also both helpful tips to avoid swimming pool accidents.

Safety Tips for Swimmers and for Parents
Pool owners can control access to the pool and make sure that the swimming pool area is safe. However, the behavior of swimmers and the behavior of parents supervising their kids will also have a major impact on whether a pool is a fun place to be or a dangerous one.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services recommends that kids be taught to swim as early as possible. If a child- and especially a young child-knows how to swim, the child will be less at risk of drowning if he or she accidentally falls into a swimming pool.

Parents also need to supervise their kids at all times and no one should ever swim alone. If you start to drown, you can usually make a full recovery if you are rescued after a minute or less. Once a longer period of time passes, however, the chances of permanent brain damage or death increase. By having someone there with you and watching you when you swim, or by keeping a close eye on your kids, you can make sure that when trouble starts there is someone there to help right away.

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