Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in North Carolina

A fatal pedestrian accident killed a man in High Point. Just two days later, a car hit a man who was walking to work in Kernsville. According to News & Record, that pedestrian was injured but turned away medical attention because he had to get to work.
Our Greensboro pedestrian accident lawyers understand that the number of pedestrian fatalities from motor vehicle accidents has been on the rise in the state of North Carolina. Officials can’t seem to find a trend though as these numbers have jumped up and down from year to year. Statistics show that vehicles have struck and killed three people this year in High Point. Just three months in 2013, that’s the same number of pedestrians that were killed in any of the last 5 years.

According to traffic Lt. Barry Roberts, these kinds of accidents are difficult to prevent. He says they’re happening on all kinds of roads all over the city.

In just 2011, there were more than 500 collisions between pedestrians and vehicles in the unincorporated portion of North Carolina. In 2012, there were about 560. That shows a more than 10 percent increase. During this same time, the number of fatalities resulting from these kinds of accidents jumped from about 84 to close to 100, which serves as a more than 15 percent increase.

If you average it out, we’ve seen roughly 400 pedestrian accidents each year over the last five years. Of these accidents, there were about 90 fatalities.

Officials haven’t targeted a cause for the increase, but say that it likely has to do with the fact that there are a lot more vehicles out there on our roadways. The economy is leveling out and drivers are feeling more comfortable dishing it out at the pump. On the flip side, officials say that it’s impossible to determine the real cause for the pedestrian accidents.

Many times, inattentiveness is to blame. Both drivers are pedestrians are engaging in distractions while navigating our roadways and both are increasing their risks for accident.

Officials aren’t able to credit inattentiveness is the recent Greensboro collision that killed two pedestrians back in July. Now, a local driver is facing a number of charges in that hit-and-run accident of the couple that was trying to get across Randleman Road on foot during that early-morning accident.

Those two pedestrians were the third and the fourth of nine pedestrians to be killed on the roadways of Greensboro in 2012.

There has only been one pedestrian fatality reported in Greensboro so far this year.

Greensboro Crash Reconstruction Team’s Sgt. T.A. Long is urging residents to be safe and to watch out for drivers. Make sure you’re wearing bright colors, using crosswalks and waiting for traffic lights. He’s also urging drivers to pay attention to these vulnerable travelers — especially near crosswalks, residential areas and school zones. Their safety largely relies on your habits behind the wheel.

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