$6 Million Awarded After NC Intersection Accident

Two North Carolina families succeeded in bringing lawsuits against a Charlotte development company that failed to properly install a traffic light at an intersection. As a result of this failure, a fatal accident caused three deaths. According to the Claims Journal, the fatal collision occurred when two cars, racing through the intersection, collided with another vehicle.

In any accident case, it is important to consider all relevant circumstances, including the parties involved, maintenance or road issues, and automobile defects. These circumstances could lead to additional claims and liability for other individuals and entities other than the drivers.

Personal injury claims are available to victims and their families in the event of an accident or wrongful death caused by recklessness, negligence, or intent. In this case, the families were successful in proving that the fatal accident was caused by the development company’s negligence. Our Charlotte accident attorneys are experienced with similar claims and in aggressively pursuing compensation for our clients.


Personal injury claims will usually initiate with legal action on behalf of the victims to collect a settlement. When an insurance company or defendant fails to meet these demands and to satisfy the financial recovery for a victim or their family, an attorney will file a lawsuit to successfully collect those damages. Financial compensation can often be significantly higher when a case is taken to court rather than settled between the parties.

In this case a unanimous jury reached a verdict after four days of deliberations. The jury found that the failure of the company to install the promised traffic light at the intersection on N.C. 49 played a role in the April 4, 2009 crash. Though monetary compensation cannot repair damage that has been done, it can help victims recover from past losses and regain security to move forward after such a significant loss.

Similar claims require an intensive investigation, often involving accident reconstructionists, witnesses, police reports, surveillance cameras, contracts, and other documentation. When involved in an accident, victims and their loved ones should involve an independent advocate and investigator to preserve necessary evidence to prove a negligence claim.

Victims who have suffered from a personal injury often do not realize the full value of their claim. It is important not to settle with an insurance company immediately after an accident because you could be settling for far less than your claim is worth. Insurance companies as well as defendants may offer settlements significantly lower than the value of your claim. This will also prevent you from bringing a claim in the future.

In addition to the claim brought against the development company, there were criminal charges brought against the other parties involved. The accident occurred because two additional parties were street racing at the time of the accident. One of those parties entered into a plea bargain for three counts of manslaughter. The other driver was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011. Of the three victims who died in the crash, one was a professor at Winthrop University.

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