North Carolina Traffic Safety – Cell Phones a Bigger Risk than Thought?

As more Americans become dependent on handheld devices, including cell-phones, Smartphones, and iPads, it is not surprising that the rate of accidents involving distracted drivers is on the rise. Many drivers will take a quick peak at their text messages, quickly open their email inbox, or even try to draft a short response while on the road. Unfortunately, even glancing away from the road for a few seconds has proven to be deadly for drivers as well as other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Our Charlotte motor vehicle accident lawyers are experienced with investigating accidents and helping victims and their families recover compensation for their losses. Determining the cause of the accident at the outset can ensure that you are able to fully collect the financial recovery you deserve, especially when another driver is negligence. This evidence suggests that it can be difficult to identify those accidents that are, in fact, caused by cell phone use.

According to recent findings from the National Safety Council, it appears that the number of crashes caused by the use of cellphones has gone under reported. Researchers assessed the number of cell phone related accidents and found that it is extremely difficult to track the number of accidents caused by the use of cell phones. Primarily, this is because of the significant number of challenges in collecting and reporting reliable crash data.

The report gathered information from crashes between 2009 and 2011, finding that of the fatal crashes pointing to evidence that a driver was using a cell phone, only 52% were coded as being caused by the use of a cell phone. Researchers believe that the number of crashes involving cell phones is under reported. Analysts from the National Safety Council believe that the difficulty in reporting may be caused by lack of consistency in creating reports.

In many accident cases, officers will simply ask whether a driver has been using a cell phone, without investigating. This gives drivers the opportunity to evade responsibility and punishment for distracted driving. Even when drivers admitted to using a cell phone prior to an accident that caused a fatal crash, this information was not properly coded by the Federal government reporting systems. Due to these discrepancies, there are a number of accident cases involving cell phones that are unreported. In some cases, drivers who are using their cell phone, checking Facebook, or surfing the internet could die in the accident without a witness to report the use of cell phone.

According to the National Safety Council, the public should be aware of the number of under reported cases and the high risk of cell phone accidents. The report also indicates that the dangers of distracted driving and cell phone use could be greater than previously believed. Inaccuracies in these reports could negatively impact funding decisions, media attention, and legislation, failing to protect citizens from the dangers of cell phone use.

If you or someone you love was involved in a car accident, it is important to consult independent counsel as soon as possible. An experienced accident attorney can investigate your case, preserve necessary evidence, and identify all responsible individuals or entities.

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