North Carolina Motorcycle Accidents in Focus this May

Motorcyclists face many dangers on the road–distracted drivers, potholes, construction sites, failing traffic control devices and blind spots, just to name a few. While new riders may learn safety tips to avoid accidents and injuries, veteran motorcyclists may forget the importance of safety after years of riding. To raise rider awareness, May has been deemed “Motorcycle Safety Month” for riders in North Carolina, South Carolina, and nationwide.

Our Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyers have seen countless accidents involving serious injury and fatalities. Motorcycle injuries can range from road rash and broken bones, to brain and head injuries, permanent injuries and accidental death. While many of these accidents are caused by negligent vehicle drivers, motorcyclists can take precautions to avoid unnecessary dangers or accidents.

To increase rider safety, here are some reminders for the month of May and into the summer season.

Be aware of blinds spots. Remember that other drivers cannot always see you. Don’t assume that a car is going to yield or that a driver can see you. Unfortunately, riders are less visible on the road and therefore prone to accidents caused by blind spots.

Make yourself visible. In addition to remaining mindful of your blind spots, you should also make yourself visible to other drivers. Ensure that your lights are in working order and that you are wearing appropriate gear.

Never drink and drive. While everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous, a healthy reminder can improve rider safety. Even one or two drinks can impair reaction time, and those two seconds could save your life.

Drivers should share the road. May is motorcycle safety month, but drivers of vehicles should also remember to share the road. Riders have additional dangers to face and drivers should make an extra effort to avoid accidents and injury involving motorcycles.

Be proactive. As a rider, you should always take extra safety precautions. Always use your mirrors and double-check before changing lanes. Continue to size up risks and potential dangers you may encounter on the road.

While most motorcyclists appreciate the risky nature of riding, it can be eye-opening to realize the number of accidents and serious injuries caused by collision. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists account for 14% of accident traffic fatalities (even though they make up just 3% of all registered vehicles). The NHTSA estimates that riders are 30 times more likely that car passengers to suffer a fatal injury.

Motorcyclists face some of the most catastrophic injuries when involved in accidents. In many cases, riders will need long-term medical treatment and care, including rehabilitation. Our firm is highly experienced in complicated accident cases involving motorcycle accident and injury. We know that rider safety is important, but that even the most careful drivers can become victims of catastrophic, even fatal motorcycle collisions. We will initiate an immediate investigation to determine the cause of the accident, identify responsible parties, and help you pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

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May is motorcycle safety awareness month,, May 8, 2013

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