Slick Roadways Send Two to Carolina Hospital

A North Carolina woman and her 19-month-old daughter are currently in the hospital fighting for their lives after a serious accident. According to the Citizen-Times, the two are at Mission Hospital after their vehicle collided with a pickup truck just before 6:00 p.m. Accident reports indicate that there was heavy rain in the area when the crash happened. The driver of the truck involved was not reported injured in the accident.
Sgt. Craig Harris of the Highway Patrol says that the couple’s car was heading west when the mother lost control, crossed over the center line and drove into the path of the pickup. Officials are still investigating the accident.

Our Asheville car accident lawyers understand that our weather can be tricky — especially when we’re behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Driving through rain, snow and other dangerous conditions can return unfavorable outcomes if we’re not careful. When it rains, our roadways become slick and slippery and we can lose control of our vehicles rather quickly if we’re not careful. This is when a vehicle hydroplanes. According to The Weather Channel, hydroplaning happens when the water in front of your tires builds up faster than your car’s weight can push it out of the way. When this happens, the water pressure can cause your vehicle to rise up and slide on a thin layer of water beneath your tires.

But there are ways that you can prevent hydroplaning:

-Be sure that you’re driving slowly and carefully when it’s wet out. This is especially important when you’re turning or taking curves in the road. You want to make sure that you’re steering and braking smoothly. When your maneuvers are too quick, your vehicle can quickly slide out of control.

-If you find yourself behind the wheel in a skidding vehicle, keep it calm. Your best bet is to ease your foot off of the gas and steer into the direction you want the front of the vehicle to go. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes on your vehicle, avoid hitting your brake at all. If you have these kinds of brakes, brake firmly as you steer into the direction of the skid.

-To help to avoid these incidents altogether, make sure that you have enough air in your tires. Air pressure helps you to grasp the road better and more efficiently. It’s also a good idea to make sure that there’s adequate tread on your tires. When they’re old and worn, your risks for an accident increase significantly.

-Always drive defensively — but especially when there’s inclement weather. You want to reduce your speeds and be even more cautious during these times to help to avoid a potentially serious accident. It’s extremely important to leave more space between you and other vehicles during poor weather conditions. Drivers of all kinds need more time to react and need to keep safety as a number one priority.

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