Advanced Procedure “Welds” Wounds to Prevent Scarring After Accidents

Traumatic car accidents, bike accidents, and other collisions can cause severe lacerations. Dog bites and animal attacks can leave victims with deep cuts requiring stitches and reconstructive surgery. For many patients, scarring is not only a physical injury, but an emotional one as well. New technology which aims to “weld” wounds together is a medical advancement for injury victims that can reduce scarring and help patients make a full recovery.

For victims of deep cuts and wounds, scarring of the body and facial tissue can be damaging. In addition to aesthetic issues, victims may suffer nerve damage and reduced mobility. Our Charleston catastrophic injury attorneys are experienced in helping victims of injury protect their rights after an accident. We will take a comprehensive approach to collect the full compensation you and your family deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, reconstructive surgery and additional costs stemming from the accident. We are also dedicated to staying abreast of medical trends that can create new opportunities for our patients’ recoveries.


An international medical device company has developed a “cold plasma” technology which “welds” or closes medical incisions with a unique procedure. Unlike traditional methods which use stitches to sew skin together, the new technique is also less painful and reduces scarring compared to using a needle and thread. Advocates of the new technique state that it only takes a few minutes to seal the area completely.

Doctors performing the procedure use plasma at a low temperature to seal the skin cells back together. Reducing the temperature of the cells is safe for the skin and has a “welding” effect. According to researchers, plasma is one of the fundamental states of matter–equivalent to solids, liquids, and gas. It has many beneficial medical properties, including the ability to disinfect, reduce bleeding, treat burns, and now, with the new procedure, weld tissues back together either after an accident or after surgery.

Despite the myriad of medical benefits of plasma, it is not commonly used because it normally requires high temperatures that can be dangerous for bodily tissues. Researchers have performed the experimental “welding” techniques at low temperatures to test the ability of plasma as a mechanism for sealing the skin after surgery. In a recent trial incisions were closed on women who underwent Caesarean sections. For the women who had plasma rather than suture or staples, incisions healed faster and the women had a lower rate of complications.

The new technology could prove to be a medical advancement, not only in the surgery setting, but for victims of accidents who have suffered deep cuts or lacerations. Medical professionals aim to use the plasma technique in tissue welding, intestinal anastomosis and in the treatment of burns or other wounds. Currently tests have only been performed in Israel, however, the company is hoping to test the product in Europe and the United States for approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Victims of accidents may see this new technology in years to come.

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