Brain Injury Increases Risk of Stroke

A brain injury can happen on the playground, playing sports, in a car accident, or in a swimming pool. Even random accidents, such as a ladder fall, can create a serious risk of head or brain injury. For victims, the damage can be severe and permanent. New studies indicate that victims may face the additional risk of stroke after a brain injury.

According to research, victims of traumatic brain injury may also be at risk of a stroke in the future. In a new report published in the America Academy of Neurology, both victims of stroke and brain injury can face a long road to recovery and extensive costs for treatment. Brain injury litigation is complex and expensive, and always requires a Carolina law firm with the experiences and resources to prevail. We are dedicated to helping those with brain injuries recover sufficient compensation to cover medical costs, treatment, as well as financial support for any additional losses they have endured.


Analysis found that TBI and stroke are the leading cause of severe disability in adults. Though 80% of stroke victims are over the age of 65, there are still a large number of younger people who are at risk. Doctors are seeking to identify high risk factors and take preventative measures to prevent future stroke and brain damage. Advanced treatment and preventative care can also improve the chances for recovery.

Researchers have assessed the records of adults who were treated in the ER for a TBI or other brain injury. Over the course of 5 years, the study looked at over 400,000 patients with TBI and over 700,000 patients who did not suffer a brain injury. The results indicated that individuals who suffered from a brain injury were slightly more likely to suffer from a stroke in the future.

Doctors suggest that the relationship may have something to do with blood flow to the brain, since the majority of strokes are ischemic and caused by a block in blood flow. Adjusting for other factors including age, blood pressure, and cholesterol, the researchers found that patients who suffered from a TBI were more likely to suffer from a stroke later in life compared to those who did not suffer a brain injury.

Following additional research and analysis, medical health professionals are hoping to find the link between TBI and stroke and to find what causes the stroke. Eventually doctors hope to prevent future strokes with proper diagnosis and treatment.

In the event of a brain injury, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. A brain injury may not be easily identifiable and could take months for a proper diagnosis. In many cases, a victim’s loved one will notice memory lapses, change in personality, or mood swings that could be an indication of a TBI. It is important to consult with an experienced medical practitioner who can identify a brain injury and pursue appropriate treatment options. Victims of brain injury who suffered because of an accident may also be able to recover compensation for medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages and other financial losses.

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