Victims of Asiana Plane Crash Suffer TBI, Spinal Cord Injuries

Throughout the week, headlines have been dominated by the Asiana crash in San Francisco. In addition to the two fatalities, there were hundreds of other injuries to surviving passengers. Reports indicate that many of these passengers in the Asiana plane crash suffered from spinal injuries.

Spinal cord injuries can have long-term consequences for victims. In the most severe cases, victims may suffer from lost mobility or paralysis. Our Chareleston spinal cord injury attorneys are experienced in complex claims involving spinal cord injuries. We are dedicated to helping victims find the medical treatment and financial compensation they need after a serious injury.


According to doctors who treated victims of the Asiana plane crash, the victims suffered serious spinal cord injuries and many of them will need long-term treatment and care. The serious injuries included fractures, stretched ligaments, and head injuries. Reports suggest that the spinal cord injuries were caused by the severe impact when the plane bounced off the runway.

For victims of spinal cord injuries, doctors had to act quickly and take remedial precautions to prevent future injury. Doctors indicated that the spine trauma, including fractures and hyper-extension, required that patients be stabilized to prevent additional spinal cord damage. There are some patients who remain in the hospital in critical condition.

In addition to spinal cord injuries, many of the victims suffered from blunt force trauma caused by seatbelts or head injuries involving seats and armrests. Other injuries included abdominal injuries, head traumas, and orthopedic injures. Many patients required surgery after the plane crash. Doctors said that some of the most severe injuries are traumatic brain injuries that could impact a patient’s well-being for months, or for life.

Doctors responsible for treating the victims stated that many of the victims suffered from the same injuries. The plane crash made international headlines and threatened the lives of 291 passengers and 16 crew members. Before landing in San Francisco, the plane had traveled from Shanghai and made a stop in Seoul. Immediately after the crash, there were over 180 passengers transferred to the hospital and treated for injuries.

Injuries and accidents involving mass transport can result in complicated claims. In this case, injury claims may be even more complicated if the passengers are not allowed to file lawsuits against the negligent airline carrier in the United States. In the event of an accident involving public transportation, including a train, bus, or aircraft, victims should consult with an independent advocate as soon as possible to preserve their rights and interests.

Officials believed that the injuries could have been more substantial and widespread. Of the total flight crew and passengers, 49 suffered serious injuries. For those who suffered spinal cord injuries, recovery could take intensive care and therapy which is always costly. Victims of serious injury should be entitled to make claims against all responsible individuals and entities to help with the cost of treatment, long-term care, and other losses related to the crash.

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