Hidden Summer Dangers and Injury Risks

In previous posts, we have discussed the dangers of swimming and boating as common summer activities that can cause serious injury. While you may already have a grasp of summer boating and swimming safety, remember that there are other summer activities that can result in accidents or serious injury you may not expect. Bracing the outdoors and enjoying the summer sun are important for every family this season, but remember that there are some hidden risks that could be harmful.

Drinking, the outdoors, and over-exposure to the sun are all potential risks that land millions of Americans in the emergency room every summer. Our Greensboro personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping members of the local community prevent serious accidents and injury and to seek appropriate care and compensation in the event of an accident.


Here are other injuries to watch out for this summer:

Lawnmower injuries. Every year there are 80,000 hospitalizations involving lawnmower accidents. Most of these cases occur when rocks, sticks, and other debris are picked up and thrown by the blades. When cutting the grass this summer, be sure that you know how to properly use your equipment and that it is maintained. You should also wear protective eye gear and clothing to prevent injury.

BBQ accidents. Firing up the grill is a common past time throughout the summer, but is important to take necessary precaution to prevent explosions and burns. According to reports, the U.S. fire department responds to over 8,000 fires every year involving grills and barbeques. Always be cautious when lighting a grill and opening the cover. Make sure your grill is in a safe spot and keep small children away from the BBQ.

Dangerous sunburns. While a minor sunburn impacts all of us, a dangerous sunburn can be deadly. Repeat sunburns can permanently damage DNA and increase your risk of skin cancer. To prevent sunburn, wear appropriate sunscreen and continue to apply it throughout the day, especially if you are in the water.

Heat rash. In addition to sunburn, exposure to sun can also result in heat rash causing blisters or deep red bumps. Victims may experience itchiness and sensitivity. Heat rash can occur anywhere on the body. Dehydration is another risk of being in the sun too long and can be extremely dangerous if left untreated.

Slips, falls, and flip-flops. Though summer means sandals, remember that footwear can also be dangerous and result in achy feet or injury from a fall. Most flip flops have no cushion or support. Exposure could also result in cuts to feet or ankles. Unless you are on the beach or at the pool, you should wear shoes with support to prevent injury.

Hangovers and alcohol-related accidents. For many of us, being out in the summer sun also involves beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. Remember that alcohol can impair judgment, reduce motor skills, and leave you vulnerable to any number of accidents or injuries. In addition to being a danger to yourself, you could be a danger to others.

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