Hilton Head Death Highlights Golf Cart Risks

In areas with warmer climates, golf carts are an enjoyable, easy way to get around the neighborhood or the resort, along the beach or in small communities. While golf carts can be fun on and off the course, it is important to remember golf cart safety. After a recent golf cart accident and death in South Carolina, drivers and passengers should be reminded of the importance of driving and riding safely.

Golf carts are not as fast as cars, but they are definitely not toys. Every year, tragic accidents cause serious injuries and take the lives of drivers, passengers and bystanders. Our Asheville personal injury attorneys are experienced in golf car accidents and will help victims and their families protect their rights. As experienced attorneys, we are committed to public wellness and to keeping North and South Carolina residents safe for tourists and residents.


According to reports, authorities are still investigating the death of a man following a fatal golf cart accident. The 77-year-old victim was driving his golf cart on a road in Sun City Hilton Head. Police indicated that the golf cart veered off the road, struck a car and then a small tree. The Highway Patrol found the victim next to the golf cart following the accident. The golf cart driver and victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he died the next day. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death.

Golf cart drivers must operate the vehicle safely and also be wary of other traffic on the road. Recent events in South Carolina and nationwide indicate that golf carts can be serious hazards. In many cases, drivers will treat the golf cart like a toy, not understanding that the consequences of an accident are just as dangerous as a collision with a motor vehicle. In some instances, mishaps and accidents can be prevented when drivers understand safe operation and how to avoid collisions.

Golf cart dealers hear a common request to make a golf cart go faster. These shop owners are often surprised to hear that many golf cart operators are looking for a golf cart that goes 30 or 40 miles per hour. Drivers do not always take into consideration that golf carts are only designed with small brakes to stop a cart at maximum speeds of 11-14 miles per hour. Tampering or adjusting speed capabilities is one way to significantly increase the possibility of a dangerous or deadly accident.

There are other ways to avoid unnecessary risks when on a golf cart. You should install safety belts for all passengers, including in the front and in the rear. Even in the event of a rollover or other collision, passengers will not risk ejection or getting crushed by the golf cart. A significant number of golf cart accidents occur when a passenger is ejected from the cart at a high speed.

When on the course or driving a golf cart on the road, no driver should be drinking and driving. Impaired golf cart driving is just as dangerous as being behind the wheel of a car. In addition to loss of motor skills, a drunk driver also has impaired judgment, causing him or her to travel at risky speeds or take dangerous paths. A golf cart collision on a busy street with a vehicle can be deadly for motorist, golf cart drivers, passengers and bystanders.

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