Fire Pit Safety: Preventing Explosions and Burn Injuries

Fire pits can be a warm addition on a cold fall night–whether camping, out at the lake cabin, or in your own backyard. For many families, campfires are part of a tradition. Whether you own a fire pit or you are planning on having a campfire while away for the weekend, remember the potential dangers, especially if there are children around. In a tragic Fayetteville accident, one North Carolina man lost his life after a fire pit explosion.

Fire pit safety awareness can help you prevent accidents and explosions that could potentially cause severe burns or death. Our Asheville personal injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting the lives of North and South Carolina residents and in raising awareness to prevent accidents. While fire pits may mean storytelling and toasting marshmallows, it is also important to keep safety in mind when you are responsible for a campfire.


According to police, an explosion near a fire pit killed on North Carolina man and left three others severely injured. Reports indicated that the 28-year-old victim was at home at the time of the accident. Investigators are going over evidence, witness statements and reviewing the accident scene to determine the cause of the explosion. Officials do not suspect that foul play was involved in the accident. The blast was likely an accident; however authorities are still unclear about what caused the explosion. According to witness statements, several people were standing around a fire pit late in the evening when something exploded.

To ensure safety around fire pits, you should make sure that there are no explosive or combustible materials near a fire. Gas grills and equipment should be kept away from the fire pit. No one should throw items into the fire that could potentially cause a fire or explosion. Plastics, metals and other materials may cause unexpected reactions. You should also be wary of drinking alcohol or playing with fireworks and other flammables near a campfire.

In addition to using fire pits for entertainment, fall is a season where many people burn leaves in their backyards. When burning leaves, it is also important to prevent accidents and use common sense to avoid spreading a fire or causing an explosion. You should keep flammable materials away from the fire and make sure that you are not burning leaves near a structure or trees that could ignite. You should always keep children away from burning leaves and brush.

Any accident involving a fire or explosion can cause severe and permanent injury. Explosions could result in loss of limb, severe organ or tissue damage, lost vision or hearing, and permanent disability. In this tragic case involving a fire pit explosion, one man lost his life and several others suffered burn injuries. Taking precautions when using a fire pit can keep your family safe and prevent future injury or accidental death.

In the event of an accident, fire or explosion, victims and families should consult with an advocate who can review the facts of your case and identify any liable individuals or entities. Property owners as well as product manufacturers could be responsible for failure to warn of potential dangers or if a product was flammable.

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