Expectant Parents Killed in Asheville Limousine Accident

Two young motorists were killed following a serious Asheville traffic accident. The female was pregnant with the couple’s first child, according to Hollywood Life. The first sonogram pictures of their baby were recovered in the mom-to-be’s purse after the accident.
The couple were passengers of a limousine company they had hired in North Carolina when the limo driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a tree. The woman died immediately upon impact, but the husband didn’t know. He pleaded with responding paramedics to save her and his unborn child first. He later died from injuries sustained in the accident at the hospital. The limo driver also remains in the hospital and awaits the outcomes of a pending investigation. According to the investigation thus far, the driver’s “actions directly contributed to the collision.”

Our Asheville personal injury attorneys understand that limos are used on special days. During the celebration, it’s important to keep an attentive eye on safety. For that reason, we’re here with a few simple safety tips to help ensure that your big day is a safe one. Limousine accidents can be more serious than an ordinary accident because of the mass and weight of the vehicle. This increases the forces at work during the collision and can result in more serious injuries, especially with passengers in the back who may not be wearing a seat belt.

Common Causes for Limousine Accidents:

-Other vehicles traveling within of the limo’s blind spots or outside of the driver’s direct vision.

-The weight of these vehicles creates a longer stopping distance needed to safety stop.

-When these vehicles are overloaded, their weight increases their risks for an accident.

-Passengers can distract drivers.

-Drivers may not always have the proper licensing or training to safely operate the vehicle.

-Drivers may be under the influence or driving while drowsy or fatigued.

Before selecting a limousine service, you want to dig up some background information about your candidates. It’s important that you check with the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Consumer Affairs as well as the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. You’re also going to want to ask some questions to the company.

Make sure you ask how the company selects and screens its drivers. Make sure that they have the proper licensing and that they have been fully trained to operate the vehicle safely. You not only want to make sure that you’re getting the limousine you want, but the limousine that’s going to help to keep you safe. Make sure that it will safely and comfortable hold everyone in your party. You also want to make sure that its got enough seat belts for everyone. You also want to get information regarding the company’s vehicle maintenance program. Make sure they’re staying up to date with their inspections and maintenance of their fleet.

And to keep an eye on your budget, you want to make sure that the correct cost is listed in the contract specifying the exact price you’ve agreed to pay. It’s a good idea to itemize all charges including gratuities, mileage, fuel or vehicle cleaning.

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