Harvest Season and Farm Equipment Collisions in the Carolinas

Farming is a notoriously dangerous industry with significant risks for workers who handle heavy machinery and equipment. Through the busy harvest season, workers will be at even greater risk for accidents and injuries related to farm equipment. In addition, motorists sharing the road with farm equipment could face severe accidents and injuries. According to recent publications, there are a number of characteristics of crashes involving farm equipment that increase the potential for injury and accidental death.


Nationwide, farmers will be gearing up for the harvest season and using heavy equipment for cultivating the land and transporting goods. Drivers, especially in rural farming communities, should be wary of farming equipment to prevent accidents and injuries. Our Spartanburg accident attorneys are dedicated to working to keep the communities throughout North and South Carolina safe.

A recent report published by the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Iowa, indicates that crash fatality and injury rates are much higher on rural roadways than other roadway types. We have discussed this phenomenon in other posts, attributing the dangers of rural driving to high speeds, reduced vision, and lack of signage. New reports indicate that these accidents could also be related to slow-moving traffic, including collisions involving slow-moving farm vehicles and equipment. The study focuses on understanding the characteristics of accidents involving farm vehicles and equipment.

Researchers consulted with accident survivors to learn more about crashes and injuries involving farm vehicles and equipment. Those interviewed were involved in a farm vehicle or equipment crash with another non-farm vehicle. The researchers used this data to better understand the characteristics of these accidents and understand the scenarios that most lend themselves to the highest rate of accident, injury, and death.

The research indicates that drivers of non-farm vehicles were more than 5 times more likely to be injured than the drivers in large farm vehicles and equipment. In all of the accidents, failure to wear a seatbelt was a leading cause of injury. Other characteristics that increased the likelihood of serious injury include speeding, passing, driving on a country road, head-on collisions, and crashes that occur after dark. In the cases where the driver was ejected, there was the strongest likelihood of injury.

Based on this research, drivers in rural areas should be extremely cautious of farm vehicles and equipment. When driving on country or rural roads, you should never go above the speed limit and remember that there could be slow-moving traffic in front of you. When dealing with these road conditions, you should be especially careful at night or when passing another vehicle. Remember that drivers of non-farm vehicles have a higher incidence of injury when involved in a collision. Rural road users could face significant risks and should be aware of farm traffic this fall season.

Victims of farming vehicle or equipment collisions do have rights. Your case should be reviewed by an experienced accident investigator to determine the cause of the collision and identify any individuals or entities responsible. Safety should always be a priority for motorists, passengers and others sharing the road.

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