Keeping Child Travelers Safe — “Let’s Go NC!”

Children are some of the most vulnerable travelers. Their bodies are likely to sustain serious injury in the event of an accident — much more likely than our larger, adult bodies. And it’s these youngsters who oftentimes travel along our roadways on foot and on their bicycles, which makes them even more at risk for a serious injury or death in the event of a traffic collision.
Thanks to officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), there’s a new way to help educate these young travelers. It’s all a part of the “Let’s Go NC! A Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Skills Program for Healthy, Active Children” curriculum. It’s equipped with various lesson plans, supplemental tools, educational materials and more to help teach children grades K-5 about the basics of biking and walking. Officials are urging parents, schools, after-school programs, clubs and law enforcement officers to use this curriculum to help keep our children safe.

Our Asheville child injury lawyers understand that children don’t fully understand the traffic around them. And because of this, it’s difficult for them to foresee the dangers. Throughout the “Let’s Go NC!” curriculum, students will learn safety tips regarding walking safely near traffic, crossing the streets safely, crossing intersections properly, safety on and around school buses as well as parking lot safety. The lessons for each grade grouping include a Discussion and Demonstration that occurs in the classroom and hands-on Skill-Building Activities which occur outdoors. Some lessons include a video to complement classroom instruction.

It’s never too early to start this kind of education with our young ones. It’s this education that they’re going to carry with them for a lifetime of safe traveling. It’s important that we start now.

In the state of North Carolina, it’s important to know the bicycle and pedestrian laws, and it’s even more important to share this information with your young travelers.

Bicycle Laws:

-Bicyclists and bicycle passengers under the age of 16 must wear approved protective safety helmets that are securely fastened to their head using straps, while riding on public roads, bicycle paths, and other public rights-of-way.

-For riding after dark, every bicycle is required to be equipped with proper lighting equipment.

-When riding on the road, you’re required ride in the same direction as traffic.

-A bicycle is not considered a vehicle for purposes of impaired driving.

-Bicycles are not allowed to stop on bridges or highways.

-Bicyclists are required to obey all traffic signals and signs.

Pedestrian Laws:

-Pedestrians must obey special pedestrian-control signals.

-Use a sidewalk when there is one available. When there is no sidewalk, pedestrians are required to walk on the left-side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

-Pedestrians cannot pass through, around, over, or under any railroad crossing gate or barrier that is closed or in operation.

-While pedestrians have the right-of-way while using crosswalks, remember that vehicles won’t always stop for you, unfortunate. Look for traffic before crossing.

By learning these laws and tips, you can help to ensure that you and your family have a safe commute. Talk with your youngest of travelers today and get them on the road to safe travels today!

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