New Technology Liberates Disabled in the Great Outdoors

Throughout the Appalachians, and the North and South Carolina coasts, avid nature lovers know that there is much to be appreciated. Unfortunately, those who have suffered serious injury or disability are often left on the sidelines. A recent advancement in technology allows people with disabilities to enjoy outdoor activities including skiing, biking, and even white water rafting.

Suffering a permanent injury is devastating for victims as well as their families. Our Spartanburg injury attorneyss are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and helping them move forward after an accident. We take a proactive approach to ensure financial security and also stay abreast of new technologies and advancements that can improve the quality of life for victims.


According to a recent NPR report, innovators are exploring new technologies and the creative ways that invention can help victims of disability enjoy the great outdoors. The equipment started with a simple idea, using plywood board with lawn chairs to build a replica of a seat for a passenger in a wheelchair. Though the contraption is simple, it allows individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries or those who cannot sit upright the ability to go whitewater rafting. The company also offers skis that run for $3,000 a set.

The equipment is high-performance and will be used in the Paralympics. The equipment is also delicately constructed to offer lightweight shock absorbers and suspension systems that have changed the way that spinal cord injury victims can mountain bike. In many cases, these are able-bodied individuals who just need the right equipment to perform the activities they once enjoyed.

In addition to purchasing the right equipment, many entrepreneurial victims of spinal cord injury have also reinvented their own versions to help them individualize the equipment to meet their own needs. Victims of paralysis and other spinal cord injuries may see hope in this equipment as they can pursue those outdoor activities they once enjoyed so fully.

Equipment, including bicycles, are modified as “hand-cycles” with three wheels, cranks, and additional brake components so that rider can travel up steep hills on backcountry trails. Users of the equipment boast its abilities and its strength in climbing mountains with more ease than a traditional mountain bike.

Many innovators are in the country’s western region where mountain sports are extremely popular. Shops designing equipment for the disabled can be small or more sophisticated. One development company at MIT spent 8 years and $30 million on creating a bionic ankle joint connected to a computer. According to researchers, victims of accidents who have been able to use the bionic ankles for the first time are relieved feeling that they “have their body back.”

Victims of permanent injury deserve significant compensation and should explore all possibilities to move towards the fullest recovery. Amputees, victims of paralysis and other spinal cord injuries can use new developments and technology to improve their quality of life. Despite setbacks, new technology can be a huge and life changing improvement.

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