North Carolina Child Injury: Common Threats Found at Home

Children are extremely vulnerable to injury in a variety ways. Unintentional injuries account for a large number of injuries to children.

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According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention children are vulnerable to injury due to their inexperience, growth and development, natural curiosity, and smaller size.

Winston-Salem injury attorneys believe it is important to pay attention to all causes of child injury. However, there are a large number unintentional injuries that harm children daily. These injuries can be prevented due to their predictability – as long as proper precautions are taken.

Frequent causes of unintentional injury include: motor vehicle accidents, suffocation, drowning, poisoning, fire/burns, falls, and sports and recreation. Although the injuries mentioned above do not represent an exhaustive list of possible unintentional injuries to children, the injuries mention above are the most common.

According to research, the most common cause of death among children under the age of one is suffocation. Suffocation may result from the narrower airways of children which make chewing and swallowing more difficult. In addition, children may not have developed the coordination to swallow effectively.

Drowning is another leading cause of unintentional injury. According to research, infants frequently drown in bathtubs, while children between the ages of 1 and 4 drown in swimming pools. Slightly older children may drown in natural bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and ponds.

Poisonings also result in injury to children at an alarming rate. Over 100,000 children are treated for poisoning in hospitals. A terrifying source of poisoning injury has occurred among teens in recent years due to the increase in prescription drug abuse.

Fires and Burns cause the unintentional injury or death of children from all age groups. One significant cause is that young children are typically unable to escape a fire without help from others.

Falls are another leading cause of injury among children. Children may easily fall from various locations such as structures, playground equipment, bunk beds, and windows.

Lastly, sports and recreation-relation injuries are extremely common in children between the ages of 0-19. It is true that the benefits of physical activity are important but physical activity also exposes children to the risk of injury. Athletes who play high school sports are in a particularly high-risk category and may be injured while participating in various sports at the high school level.

Childhood injuries are an important topic but they can be prevented. First, It is important to educate the public about possible risks and safety solutions.

Second, the legal system should be utilized to enforce and influence the desired safe behaviors. Regulations that require the use of car seats and bicycle helmets are examples of enforcement’s ability to have a positive impact on child safety.

Lastly, It is paramount that products utilized by children are designed in a way that promotes safety and anticipates potential dangers before they arise. Examples of this include toys without small parts and flame-resistant sleepwear.

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