Multitude of Bus Accidents in the Carolinas and Elsewhere

Three Recent Bus accidents have left a combined 10 dead and 23 injured. Bus safety is a serious matter and school districts are taking steps to make busses as safe as possible.

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According to an NBC News article, 8 individuals were killed when a church bus overturned. The bus accident occurred in Tennessee but the church members attended a church in North Carolina.

Reportedly a front tire on the bus blew out on the interstate and the driver lost control. The bus then crossed the median and high a tractor-trailer and a sport-utility vehicle.
The article reported the bus collided with the two other vehicles and overturned in eastern Tennessee. Aside from the 9 individuals who died, 14 additional individuals were injured in the accident. The bus was carrying a total of 18 individuals, including the driver.

In a second accident reported on, 9 students were injured when a school bus overturned. The accident occurred in Burke County at about 7:30am.
According to reports, it was raining and the bus was near a curve at the time of the accident. The exact cause of the crash is still being determined.

Another bus accident occurred in South Carolina leaving one person dead. According to, the accident involved a school bus and a pickup truck. Reportedly, the pickup truck veered over the center line and hit the school bus.

The driver of the pickup truck died at the scene. Authorities say that alcohol and drug use were a factor in the crash. The extent of the bus driver’s injuries is unknown. Fortunately, no students were on the bus at the time of this incident.

A report on revealed that approximately 480,000 buses carry about 25 million students to and from school every day. It is estimated that 50% of school-age children ride a bus to and from school.

Due to the amount of children exposed to injury and death while riding a school bus many school districts are taking steps to improve bus safety.

Some school districts are instituting bar-code reading systems, in which each student swipes a card as they get on and off the bus. The bus is also outfitted with a GPS tracking device. This technology allows school districts to keep track of the location of each student on their respective bus.

Other school districts are implementing a free downloadable app for mobile phones that allows families to keep track of their child’s bus via a GPS enabled map.
Another school district has addressed the problem of children being left behind on busses by forcing the bus driver to walk to the rear of the bus to turn off an alarm that automatically activates as soon as the bus is turned off by the driver.

Still other school districts are concentrating on educating younger bus-riders about safe bus behavior, boarding, and road crossing. The hope is that this more hands-on approach will educate pre-K and kindergarten students and help keep them safe.

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