North Carolina Teen Killed Crossing Roadway

According to a news article on, a teenager was hit and killed while crossing the road to board his school bus in the morning.


Our Greenville personal injury lawyers are devoted to raising awareness about safe habits for pedestrians and drivers. As we head into autumn, mounting tourism will increase congestion in many communities. Teenagers need to be particularly aware of the risks as we head into the busy holiday travel season.

The North Carolina teenager was struck at approximately 7 a.m., according to witnesses. He was a junior at a local high school. Witnesses also revealed the bus was stopped with its “stop arm” extended and lights flashing.

The car approached from the opposite direction and hit the student in the roadway. North Carolina patrol announced that charges are pending against the vehicle’s operator.

A pedestrian safety guide released by identifies a number of common hazards to pedestrians and gives tips on safe walking and crossing behavior.

The first risk factor is the distance a pedestrian must cross. If a roadway is very large it means the pedestrian will spend more time on the roadway and be at risk for a longer time as a result. This is an extremely important consideration for seniors and children who are crossing the street.

The second risk factor is the potential for crosswalk markings to be faded. This means that drivers may be unable to see crosswalks. Pedestrians should keep this in mind and take extra caution when crossing the road at a crosswalk that is faded or unmarked.

A third severe hazard for pedestrians is turning vehicles. Often a vehicle is traveling at high speed when turning left into a crosswalk. Pedestrians should be aware of this risk and keep an eye out for vehicles turning into the crosswalk area.

Another dangerous attribute of some intersections is high traffic volume. Roads that are busy require additional caution. Drivers will be more distracted and there will be more risk of being struck by vehicles.

In general pedestrians should behave as if a driver does not see them. This ensures pedestrians are prepared for the worst case scenario and are alert enough to avoid potential harm.

To avoid these dangers, pedestrians should cross only at street corners and should utilize marked crosswalks whenever possible.

Pedestrians should always activate the pedestrian “Walk” signal when available by pressing the button beside the street corner.

Additionally, it is recommended that pedestrians always make eye contact with a driver before crossing in front of them. This behavior is one of the most effective ways to be sure a driver is aware of your presence.

When walking along the roadway a pedestrian should always utilize a sidewalk or path designed for foot traffic. If no such path is available a pedestrian should walk facing traffic.

Finally, pedestrians are encouraged to wear bright colors to ensure visibility to drivers. This is particularly important at night.

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