Trick or Treating Tips for North Carolina Parents

Halloween is an especially exciting time for kids. Dressing up like a favorite superhero or television character can be very exciting. Not to mention the amount of candy often consumed by children during this time of year. However, there are dangers involved with his joyous holiday as well.

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Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys would like to raise awareness of the many dangers that accompany the Halloween holiday and how parents may navigate the risks to have a safe and happy Halloween.

Although this time of the year can be very exciting for children it can be a source of stress for their parents. Reader’s Digest released an article containing seven tips for safe trick or treating.

One danger of trick or treating is getting tired, lost or disoriented. In order to avoid these dangers Reader’s Digest recommends mapping a route for trick or treating before leaving the house. Parents and kids should stick to paths that are close by to their homes and familiar to them.

Another potential issue for dedicated trick or treaters might be comfort. It is important to wear the proper costume but comfortable shoes are a must. Many children will do a great deal of walking and girls should be sure to avoid heels. Also, all children should ensure their shoelaces are double knotted to prevent untying, loosing, and tripping in the dark.

Trick or treating is often done at night which means visibility is low. Parents should be sure to put reflective tape on your child’s costume. This will ensure your child can be seen by drivers along the road. In addition, parents should carry a flashlight so they can keep their children’s path illuminated throughout the evening.

The length of a costume can be a source of real danger. Parents should ensure that their children are not wearing costumes that could easily get stuck underfoot and cause tripping. If a costume is too long it should be hemmed to the appropriate length.

Although masks are included in a lot of costumes parents should avoid using them.
Masks can cut down on your child’s ability to breathe and see. Reader’s Digest suggests using non-toxic makeup as an alternative to a mask in order to complete a costume.

Parents should try to avoid costumes that have weapons as an accessory. If a costume absolutely requires a weapon in order to be complete then parents should ensure the weapon is constructed out of a flexible material such as rubber or plastic. The toy weapon should be unable to cause injury to your child or any of their friends.

The candy collected by children on Halloween comes from a variety of individuals, many of whom may be complete strangers to the child and parents. Thus, at the end of the night be sure search through your child’s candy and throw away anything that is not still in its original wrapper. Also, any candy that appears to have been opened should be thrown away immediately.

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