Dog Bite Prevention an Important Focus this Holiday Season

According to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, millions of Americans are injured by dog bites each year. Half of those injured are children and one out of every five bites requires medical attention.


Our Spartanburg personal injury attorneys know that children are in danger of being bitten by aggressive dogs and want dog owners and parents to know how to avoid being seriously injured by an animal.

Approximately 4.5 million Americans are injured by dog bites every year. Children aged 5 to 9 are the most likely to be bitten. Adult males are more likely to be bitten than adult females.
Finally, individuals with two or more dogs in their household are bitten by dogs five times more frequently than individuals in households with no dogs.

There are multiple important ways to prevent dog bites and ensure your dog does not injure your own children or someone else’s children.

Before you bring a dog into your household you should work with your animal shelter, breeder, or rescue organization to help you find a breed that fits your household.
You should also select a veterinarian who can assist you in identifying a reputable trainer for the dog.

Decide whether any children in your household would be fearful of a dog. If a child is afraid of the dog then you should wait before introducing one to your household. In general, any dog with a history of aggressive behavior is not suitable for a house with children.

Before bringing a dog home you should spend ample time with the animal to ensure you understand its behavior and tendencies. This is particularly important when bringing a dog into a home with young children. explains that you cannot guarantee that a dog will never bite someone but there are ways to reduce the risk significantly.

The first important way to reduce aggression in any dog is to make sure the dog is sprayed or neutered. The procedure is routine but very important – it will reduce your dog’s desire to fight with other dogs and the dog will be much less likely to bite.

Your dog should also be introduced to as many types of situations and people as possible. Socializing your dog ensures they will not become frightened or nervous under typical social circumstances.

It is very important that you train your dog. Taking your dog to a training class is a great way to socialize the dog and learn proper training techniques. The entire family should be involved in training the dog.

Finally, as a responsible dog owner you should be wary of introducing your dog to a stressful situation. If your dog is aggressive towards service personnel or other visitors keep him in another room.

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