Fairground Injuries in North Carolina

According to an article onFoxCarolina.com, five individuals were injured while on a ride at the North Carolina State Fair.


Our Asheville personal injury attorneys know how dangerous amusement rides and attractions can be and urge riders to be safe enjoying the rides at any amusement park, fairground, festival, or private birthday party.

The report states that a police investigation revealed the ride had intentionally been tampered with and as a result, the 46-year-old ride operator will be charged with three counts of inflicting serious injury, assault with a deadly weapon, and assault. Of the five people injured, three were sent to the hospital.

Research reported by the Andrews Institute of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine shows that each year amusement park rides are a significant source of neck and head injuries.

Besides head and neck injuries individuals experienced injuries to their legs, face, and arms. Orthopedic fractures, sprains, and strains also resulted in certain circumstances.

Studies show that over 4,000 children are injured on rides yearly. With almost 93,000 children being injured between the years of 1990 and 2010.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission enacts regulations over mobile rides while fixed ride sites are currently regulated by state and local governments.

The regulation by state and local governments leads to inconsistent standards and fragmented enforcement.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has identified inflatable amusements as a significant source of injury as well.

Inflatable amusements are structures filled with air for recreational use. They are kept inflated by a continuous flow of air from blowers and constructed of a flexible fabric. The constant air pressure from the blowers maintains the amusement’s shape.
Inflatable amusements include attractions commonly known as space walk, bounce house, or moon bounce.

These amusements are meant to be jumped on by children and some versions include games, obstacle courses, and slides.
According to research, children between the ages of 0 and 4 accounted for 23% of all injuries while ages 5 to 15 and ages 15 and up accounted for 62% and 15% respectively.

The most common area of the body injured was the leg or foot; which accounted for 34% of all inflatable amusement injuries. Other areas of injury included the arms/hands, head/face, and torso.

In order to avoid injuries on inflatable devices it is important to be aware of common hazards.

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