North Carolina Traffic Safety a Holiday Focus

Law enforcement significantly increases the number of DUI sobriety checkpoints during the holiday season. The increase in enforcement is linked directly to the increase in driving under the influence violations during the holiday season.


Our North Carolina personal injury lawyers know holidays are the most dangerous time of the year for drunk driving accidents. Responsible hosts and responsible celebrations can go a long way toward mitigating the risks.

The only holiday with more drunk driving deaths than Thanksgiving is New Year’s Day/Eve when there is a 62 percent increase in violations. The reported increase in drunk-driving incidents is consistent with data from other organizations.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that alcohol related traffic accidents are at their highest levels during the year-end holiday season.

Some alcohol drinkers do not have an accurate understanding of the way it affects their abilities, and too often underestimate their level of intoxication.

One common misunderstanding about alcohol is the time it takes for the substance to affect an individual’s brain. Drinkers should be aware that decision making and other driving skills are diminished by alcohol long before the effects of alcohol can be seen physically.

A major danger is that initially it will act as a stimulant, which makes you feel excited and upbeat. But these effects are only temporary. Judgment and inhibitions are affected quickly, which may lead to reckless decisions while driving.

As more alcohol is consumed, the effect on behavior increases and reaction time suffers. Some individuals may become more aggressive as they consume more alcohol, which may lead to aggressive driving.

A second misconception about alcohol is the time it takes for effects to wear off. Even when drinking stops, the effects of alcohol do not stop immediately and could even continue to increase.

Drinkers sometimes believe they can stop drinking alcohol and sober up quickly by having a cup of coffee. In reality, alcohol continues to affect the body and brain long after the final drink.

Driving drunk at night magnifies the hazards because the depressant effect of alcohol combine with the body’s natural drowsiness. Alcohol also has the potential to impair driving ability the next day. Even the disorientation, sluggishness and headache associated with hangovers can impair driving ability.

The most effective way to avoid driving under the influence is to plan your ride home before taking the first sip of alcohol. This ensures you do not make poor choices while impaired.

If you are going to drink, make sure you understand that there is no way to speed up recovery from alcohol and that drinking too much too fast will significantly affect your body’s ability to make good decisions.

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