Pedestrian Injured At Asheville Home

A pedestrian was injured recently in West Asheville after a vehicle slammed into construction dumpster. According to the Citizen-Times, the accident happened just before 9:30 a.m. in front of the victim’s home at 170 Riverview Drive. He was taken to Mission Hospital with a number of injuries, including a possible broken leg.
“He was getting ready to get into his truck,” said a witness of the accident. “It freaked me out. I was amazed he wasn’t dead.”

Our injury lawyers in Asheville understand that these kinds of accidents are alarmingly common in residential neighborhoods. In this incident, the driver was cited for neglecting to reduce his speed. Citizens frequently express their concerns regarding traffic speeds and pedestrian safety in residential neighborhoods. It involves a joint effort between the residents and the city to improve traffic safety in their neighborhoods. Talk with your neighbors about traffic safety. Be aware of existing conditions and notify the city when situations seem to create a problem.

Traffic conditions in residential neighborhoods can seriously affect neighborhood livability. When our roadways are pleasant and safe, the quality of life subsequently improves. When traffic problems are a daily occurrence, our sense of community and personal well-being are threatened. With your help and the city’s efforts in awareness, education, engineering and enforcement, we can all work together to address neighborhood traffic safety issues.

You can do your part to help make these streets safer for everyone by watching your driving habits:

-Drive slower: Driving fast through these areas will make very little different, if any, to the time your trip will take. Increasing your speed really only decreases your time to reach to a potential danger.

-No short cuts: Avoid using residential areas as a short cut to get to your destination quicker. Using these areas as short cuts on disrupts the quality of life in these neighborhoods. An increase in through traffic increases pollution and increases risks for pedestrians, especially children.

-Yield to pedestrians: Pedestrians always have the right-of-way at intersections regardless of whether crosswalks are painted on the street.

-Look out for blind spots. Be careful when passing stopped vehicles or heavy areas or bushes or brush.

-Stay visible. Don’t assume pedestrians see you.

-Know where the kids are. Children can be a bit oblivious when it comes to adult concepts like right-of-way and traffic laws, and they might run into the street without looking. So it’s up to you, the driver, to be extra cautious in areas like school zones, parks, and playgrounds.

Each year in North Carolina about 2,200 pedestrians are involved in police-reported crashes with motor vehicles. Between 150 and 200 are killed, and an additional 500 are seriously injured.

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