Amputation Work Injury Highlights Risk of Ignoring “Minor” Incidents

A PBS science correspondent recently recounted a medical emergency which led to the amputation of his arm


Our Greenville personal injury attorneys know that even a seemingly small injury can have severe medical implications.

While the PBS correspondent was on an assignment in Asia he suffered an injury to his arm.

The accident occurred while the correspondent was finishing up a trip to the Philippines and Japan. He was securing camera gear on a cart when one of the cases of equipment fell on his arm. The correspondent later explained that the case hurt his arm but he did not feel that it would be a 911 worthy incident.

Little did he know, the case had impeded blood flow to parts of his body, with life-threatening implications.

The day after the incident the correspondent noticed his arm was swollen but the real problems did not occur until two days later, when he finally sought medical attention.

While at the hospital, the pain in his arm increased dramatically and eventually his arm became numb. A doctor immediately recommended that they perform an emergency surgery to alleviate the pressure inside the limb.

During the procedure the doctor was suddenly confronted with a choice between life and limb – literally. The doctor made the decision to amputate the arm, just above the elbow, when the correspondent’s blood pressure dropped dramatically.

The situation experienced by this PBS correspondent reveals the volatile and severe effects a seemingly inconsequential injury can have on the human body. The individual here did not even feel the need to seek medical attention until a full two days after the incident occurred.

Since the risk of serious injury is always present, it is important to pursue a thorough medical evaluation as soon as possible following an injury. Even if that injury may seem minor.

It is important to know a good doctor who is willing to perform these types of evaluations when legal action may be involved. Commonly a doctor is hesitant to get involved in legal actions and is really only performing independent evaluations as part of a community service.

Unfortunately, there are a group of doctors who make quite a bit of money from insurance companies by completing “independent medical evaluations” that are then used by the insurance company to avoid paying claims. These doctors can sometimes more money performing these evaluations day in and day out than they would as a true clinical practitioner.

The goal is to get a fair and accurate independent evaluation to ensure the injured individual gets a complete description of their injury and its causes.

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