Don’t Assume People See You

An Elon University freshman riding her bike to class, turned to enter a crosswalk on campus and WHAM! – she was struck and knocked off her bike by an oncoming car the victim said didn’t even slow down.


“I thought he was stopping and I went ahead into the crosswalk, and he kept going and he just hit me,” the student told Elon Local News. She ended up with a gash above her right eyebrow, a mid-range concussion and lifelong concerns about riding her bike in a crosswalk, no matter how clearly marked. “Don’t assume that people see you,” she was quoted as saying. “Always be careful. You’ll be glad that you stopped.”

The driver of the car was cited with entering a crosswalk or hitting a pedestrian at the crosswalk.

Elon University, which consistently ranks at or near the top of the list of the nation’s most beautiful college campuses, is less than 20 miles from our Greensboro bicycle accident attorneys. Our firm is aware of the dangers faced by bicycle commuters, couriers and recreational cyclists who must share the road with sometimes negligent and reckless drivers. Even with a helmet, bicycle accident injuries can be severe, ranging from concussion to broken bones to death.

Recently, a new pedestrian and bicycle safety campaign has been wending its way to cities and counties across the state. The “Watch for Me NC” program combines public education and police enforcement to help reduce the number of pedestrians and bicyclists hit and hurt or killed by motor vehicles.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of cyclists killed each year is up 6 percent. In North Carolina, bicyclists make up 2 percent of all traffic-related deaths.

Our bicycle accident attorneys in Greensboro often work with injured clients. In our experience, whenever there is a bicycle-motor vehicle collision, at least one of the parties involved does not know the rules of the road. Here are some of the state’s traffic laws regarding bicyclists:

• Ride on the right, going with the traffic instead of against it.
• Use hand signals to communicate intended movements.
• If under age 16, wear a helmet.
• Put both a front lamp and rear reflector on the bike for riding at night.

The Elon student hit by a car while riding her bike in a crosswalk said she felt lucky after her accident because it could have been much, much worse. “After the shock kind of wore off, I was about to burst into tears because I really thought that guy was stopping,” she was quoted as saying.

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