Child Injuries & Liabilities of Babysitters and Daycares

Every parent’s worst nightmare is having their child suffer a severe or life-threatening injury when left under the care of a babysitter. A babysitter in North Carolina is now facing criminal charges after the 15-month-old she was babysitting was burned by scorching water and left in the bathtub. According to police reports, the father of the infant came home to find his infant daughter crying in the bathtub and covered with burn wounds.

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First responders said that the infant must have been left in the water for at least 30 minutes and suffered from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns. Police records indicate that the babysitter did not hear the infant screaming because she was wearing headphones and listening to music. This is a tragic case, though unfortunately, child accidents and injuries involving babysitters and daycare centers are not uncommon. Our Greensboro personal injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of parents and injured children. We will investigate your case, identify responsible parties, and work to recover maximum compensation for child injuries.

According to reports, the babysitter also had responsibilities of caring for several other children at the time of the accident. The father of the infant called 911 when he arrived and the baby was flown to the hospital where she is still in recovery. Police have charged the babysitter with child abuse. The mother said she never thought this could happen, especially while under the care of a babysitter she thought she could trust. The infant has already gone through four surgeries but will likely need several more.

Most parents cannot imagine an accident resulting from babysitter abuse or neglect, but it can happen. Here are some tips to prevent babysitter injury:

Make sure your babysitter is trustworthy and experienced. Take the time to meet with a sitter in advance. You should also make sure that the babysitter has been certified and can provide references. Your babysitter should have first aid training and be qualified to perform CPR. A babysitter should also be at least 13 years old and capable of handling common emergencies.

Let your children spend time with babysitter while you are home. It is difficult to know what will happen while you are away, but one way to be prepared is to have your sitter meet you children and learn their routines. During this time, you can show the babysitter around the house, point out escape routes and give advanced directions in case of emergency.

Inform your babysitter of allergies, any risks around your property, and other hazards. In addition to being prepared for common emergencies, make sure to inform a babysitter of additional risks including allergies, property or maintenance issues, or other risks. Always store and lock any guns.

Keep emergency numbers available. You should have emergency contact information readily available, including numbers for parents, neighbors, doctors, rescue, police, and poison control. You should also clearly write your home address so that it can be quickly provided to a 911 operator.

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