Injury Prevention for 4th of July Weekend

Fourth of July weekend is a time for family gatherings, beach parties, backyard pool parties, camping, and all-night festivities that commemorate our U.S. independence. While preparing your family for the big holiday weekend, remember to put safety first. Every year, thousands of Americans are injured in 4th of July accidents, including those involving outdoor barbecues, swimming, alcohol, or fireworks. North Carolina families can help to prevent injures by understanding the risks and being prepared.


Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys represent individuals and families who have been impacted by serious and life-threatening injuries. We are experienced in accident investigations and committed to raising safety awareness to prevent future injuries or wrongful death. Here are some tips to help prevent accidents or injury this 4th of July weekend.

Swimming pools. Many families will be attending or throwing pool parties or staying in hotels with pools over the holiday weekend. Always make sure that there is an adult watching children in the pool and be wary of diving in shallow waters. Know the signs of drowning to best protect your children and your loved ones.

Fireworks. Don’t give fireworks to small children and make sure to store fireworks away from other flammables, including lighters, matches or gasoline. When igniting fireworks, keep water close by in case of an emergency. Whoever is lighting the fireworks should wear protective gear and be wary of malfunctioning items, including “duds.” Don’t attempt to relight them and only light one firework at a time. Teach your children how to be safe around fireworks. No one should throw a firework towards animals, people, vehicles or other flammable materials.

Alcohol-related accidents. New reports indicate that 1 in 10 working adult deaths are related to excessive drinking. This includes the direct impact of alcohol including alcohol poisoning or asphyxiation, but also accidents. According to the Centers for Disease control, alcohol related deaths led to 88,000 deaths between 2006 and 2010. Watch the amount of alcohol you consume and avoid dangerous activities while consuming alcohol including fireworks, swimming, boating, grilling. Never get behind the wheel if you are impaired.

Traffic accidents. If you are traveling this 4th of July weekend, remember basic safety and buckle your seat belt. Always follow traffic laws and never drink and drive. Remember that traffic is likely to be heavier through the weekend so pay attention to other drivers and the roadway. Avoid distractions in the front seat, including texting, cell phones, and pets. The Red Cross also advises to clean your vehicle before heading out on a weekend trip. Make sure that your lights and windows are clear to improve vision and visibility, especially at night. Be wary of inclement weather especially heavy storms that can move in quickly during the summer months.

Grilling and outdoor barbecues. If you will be grilling food outside, remember to keep the gas or charcoal grill away from the house, garage, or other flammable structures. Always keep small children away from the grill and make sure that it is never left unattended. Every year there are thousands of injuries caused by grills. Make sure to use proper protective gear for your hands and use long-handed tools to prevent burns. Never grill indoors, including in a camper, tent or other enclosed area.

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