One Year Later: North Carolina State Fair Accident Victims Still Recovering

Victims who suffer injuries are often in recovery long after the headlines fade. The victims of an October 2013 North Carolina State Fair accident are still in recovery after being severely injured on the “Vortex” ride. While it’s been a year since the accident, the family remains in recovery after suffering permanent and debilitating injuries. According to local reports, the family injured while at the state fair included a woman, her husband, their son, and their niece. Despite being released from the hospital since the accident, all of the victims are still under doctor’s care.


Last October, the family arrived at the state fair to enjoy the festivities, but the night quickly turned tragic. According to eyewitnesses, the riders fell approximately 30 feet. They were initially unconscious but then regained consciousness before being taken away by paramedics. According to investigators, a key safety mechanism was tampering with, leaving victims at risk of serious injury or wrongful death.

State investigators revealed that the ride owner asked an employee-operator to make sure no one was watching while he installed jump wires. The operator was arrested and charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious bodily injury. The ride owner was charged last November with two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon and inflicting serious injury. The owner was charged with a third felony, assaulting a juvenile. Since the arrest, both men have been released on bond.

The case has raised safety concerns from officials and attendees of this year’s North Carolina State Fair. Officials and local authorities are investigating to ensure the public that rides have been properly inspected and are safe for use. In the event of a ride accident or injury, victims and their loved ones should consult with an experienced advocate. Our Raleigh personal injury attorneys are experienced in handling complex claims on behalf of victims. Our priority is to help victims recover full compensation, including medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and financial support, for any long-term care needs.

As with any tragic accident, a lawsuit can bring attention to the defendant companies to prevent future injuries. In April, the family recovered $150 million after filing a personal injury lawsuit against Powers Great American Midways and Family Attractions Amusement LLC, the companies liable for the ride and maintenance. There are many claims available to those who have suffered amusement park injury rides. Depending on the specific facts of the case, victims can bring claims based on negligence or product liability. In this case, the criminal liability of the defendants supports a case of negligence against the companies.

Amusement parks are responsible for actions of employees so any negligence, or in this case, recklessness and intentional harm, can leave the park liable. Amusement park owners and operators can be held liable for failing to post warning signs, failure to train operators, failure to maintain equipment or inspect rides, improper operation of ride, or failing to properly instruct riders.

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