Elevators Pose Hidden Threat of Injuries

Parents already worry about their children–young or old. From making sure they have the proper nutrition and education, to keeping them out of harm’s way, parents never seem to stop worrying about the well-being of their children. Whether at home, on the playground, or in a commercial area, you want to know that your children are safe. Now safety advocates are warning parents about another possible danger for their children–elevators. Experts warn consumers and government agencies about the treat of In-home elevators, especially older models, which are proving a deadly hazard for children.

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According to CBS News reports, kids are frequently the victims of catastrophic and fatal accidents caused by elevators. In a recent case, a family rented a beach house in South Carolina and a 10-year-old boy suffered catastrophic and permanent injuries. He is now completely paralyzed and suffered debilitating brain injuries because of an accident. Another 3-year-old suffered when an in-home elevator failed to stop at the floor. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that one of the problems with in-home elevators is that they are not as regulated as commercial elevators and do not have the same safety features. Within a 2-year period, there were 1,600 individuals hurt on in-home elevators. According to reports, the majority of the deaths and serious injuries occurred when children were trapped in the gap between the elevator’s exterior and interior doors.

An attorney representing one of the victims has sued the manufacturers, but says that the government should do more to prevent future accidents and injuries. The non-profit, Safety Institute along with attorneys have filed a petition with the Federal Safety Commission to impose mandatory standards and additional protections on in-home elevators. Additional safety features would include motion detectors to stop an elevator if a person is in the way. Cynics claim getting the government to intervene can be complicated. Imposing additional regulations can be expensive for private enterprises and eventually drive them out of the market.

Still, consumers deserve more protections and victims deserve compensation in the event of injury. Our Asheville child injury attorneys are dedicated to helping families recover just compensation in the event of an accident. We will review the facts of your case and identify all responsible parties, including a homeowner, manufacturer, property owner, or inspector. A personal injury claim requires an immediate independent investigation to collect and preserve all relevant evidence. In addition to police records, medical documentation, witness statements and other surveillance evidence is critical and must be collected immediately.

While at least one company has responded to the accident claims and installed motion sensors on new home models, other manufacturers are not required to by law. Parents who have an in-home elevator, who visit family or friends with an in-home elevator, or if on vacation where a rental has an in-home elevator should be wary of hazards. Based on the high number of accident cases this year, children are at risk, especially when properties are operating old elevator models.

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