Student Safety Advocates Urge Construction of Pedestrian Bridge

College campuses can be dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, with busy traffic, high-volume crowds at intersections, and the potential risk of drunk or distracted drivers. Now, South Carolina State University students are taking matters into their own hands, urging the South Carolina Department of Transportation to build a pedestrian bridge near a student housing complex. According to reports, the initiative has been underway since an SC State senior was struck by a vehicle and left paralyzed four years ago. After years of advocacy for the bridge project, the project has finally been approved by the South Carolina Department of Transportation.


Students began pursuing the initiative in 2011 with the goal of improving pedestrian safety and connecting walking routes for students. Though it has taken nearly four years of advocacy, the university has finally begun preliminary stages of engineering the pedestrian bridge. Safety advocates on campus believe that the project will help keep students safe, allowing pedestrians to pass over the bridge rather than navigate the traffic on the busy roads below. Due to the heavy foot and vehicle traffic, many pedestrians do not wait for a walk sign to cross the street. Cars that speed along the road can also create additional dangers for pedestrians.

The project has been identified in the SCDOT Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (SCDOT), according to authorities. Several different agencies, university leaders, organizations, and students have been involved in the development process, which is nearing its completion. According to reports, the project has taken longer than expected because of a lack of function and complications with the coordination of these efforts. The pedestrian bridge on campus is projected to cost slightly over $3 million, but student and other safety advocates believe it is worth the investment.

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According to recent media reports, students held a march this month so that officials do not forget the investment and initiative. Even though it has been four years since the accidents, students on campus have not forgotten the tragedy. The sooner the bridge is built, the safer the student population will be. Students, parents, and other safety advocates are grateful for the progress that has been made, but want to make sure that it is not forgotten or pushed off. The SCDOT reports that the preliminary phase of engineering has been completed and that they are beginning the next phase of development, including addressing ‘right-of-way’ issues in the spring. Construction could begin as early as summer 2015.

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