Laser Hair Removal Causes Disfigurement and Burns

For many women, undergoing painful procedures in the sake of beauty is not unheard of. However, going through painful procedure with resulting disfigurement and burns is never expected. According to New York Magazine, many women have suffered from serious burns and scarring after getting laser hair removal. Many of the victims have been young teens, and now the practice is being scrutinized. While women may take certain risks to meet beauty standards, parents, physicians, and other advocates should be concerned about the potential danger of laser hair removal.


Laser hair removal is a procedure that obliterates hair follicles to prevent future hair growth. Teenagers have been known to seek out the procedure for legs, underarms, or even unsightly facial hair that has led to bullying. Though the practice has been noted among many teenagers, and even 11 or 12 year-olds, there have been significant reports about the potential dangers of laser hair removal. According to reports, patients have suffered burns that turned to discoloration. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, nearly half a million laser treatments were performed in the U.S. in 2011 by trained doctors. Treatments are also performed by non-doctors, which can increase the potential for risk and injury.

When the procedure is performed improperly, patients have been known to suffer from severe burns and injuries along the bikini line and on the face. There have even been cases of death linked to laser procedures. The number of personal injury lawsuits against non-physician operators is also on the rise. One of the problems is that there is not sufficient oversight in non-medical facilities were laser hair removal is performed at “spas” or other facial clinics. Unfortunately, many of these facilities are in operation without licensed medical professionals.

Lawsuits against laser hair removal practitioners, including medical and non-medical professionals are on the rise. Our Asheville personal injury attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness to help prevent future injuries and to provide advocacy for victims who have suffered burns or disfiguring injuries. It is important to remember that licensing for laser-hair removal operators varies by state. The procedure can be dangerous, as pulses of light are used to destroy hair follicles. In some states, it is considered a “medical” procedure, while in other states, non-medical professionals can perform laser hair removal so long as there is on-site medical supervision.

Operators must be able to assess the skin type and sensitivity of the patient. For those with darker skin, the issues of pigmentation can be a greater risk. Some non-medical professionals who perform laser hair removal could mistake cancer for a sunspot and make diagnosis more complicated. The current lack of oversight in the laser hair removal business is putting patients, including many teenagers, at risk. While patients can do their own diligence to make sure that a certain operator is qualified, victims of injury should consult with an experienced legal professional about their injuries.

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