Carolina Residents Injured by Faulty Exercise Equipment

Many people will make a New Year’s resolution to begin exercising more. Exercise is supposed to improve your health. For some people, however, using exercise equipment can actually lead to serious or even fatal injuries. These problems occur when the exercise equipment malfunctions and the user gets hurt as a result. elliptical-trainers-489121-m.jpg

If faulty exercise equipment causes you injury, you may be able to make a defective product claim. A Greenville personal injury attorney can help you understand your legal options and pursue compensation from those responsible.

Exercise Equipment Injuries a Serious Risk

Injuries on exercise equipment have been in the news recently because the Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid reportedly broke several facial bones and several ribs in an exercise mishap. According to WISTV 10, Reid was working out when an elastic exercise band on the machine snapped. The snapped band struck him in the face and caused him to suffer a fall. As he was falling, he hit other equipment and broke multiple bones.

While this incident was more high profile due to the fact that a senator was the victim of the equipment malfunction, the reality is that many people each year are harmed because problems develop with machines they are using to work out.

The Health Information Team reports that injuries caused by the use of exercise equipment have increased around 45 percent between 2007 and 2010. These injuries result from both accidents in home gyms and accidents in gyms that are open to the public.

Treadmills are the type of equipment that is most likely to result in injury and recalls of faulty treadmills have exacerbated the risk. In 2005, for example, one company recalled 16,700 treadmills after exercisers were shocked when using the equipment. In 2007, another 4,700 treadmills were recalled by a different company because the equipment could overheat and start on fire. The company with the overheating treadmills subsequently recalled another 20,000 treadmills the very next year because the machines started to unexpectedly speed up.

While treadmills may be especially dangerous, injury can happen on any gym equipment. Many gym owners require that customers are given instructions on the proper use of equipment in order to reduce the chances of injuries happening on their premises. Gyms also need to ensure they are maintaining their equipment adequately and responding quickly when equipment is recalled to avoid becoming liable to patrons for harm if they are hurt when exercising.

The manufacturers of faulty equipment can also be held legally responsible and required to compensate victims who are damaged by problems with the exercise equipment. An attorney can help those who are hurt to determine if they have a case against their gym, the maker of the equipment or anyone else responsible for causing their injuries to occur.

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