Scooters Raise Safety Concerns For North Carolina Residents

Scooters have become increasingly popular in North Carolina. From electronic scooters used by kids as a means of recreation to scooters as a means of transportation on the roads, scooters are everywhere. Unfortunately, a Greensboro injury lawyer knows that all types of scooters can be very dangerous. scooter-1058830-m.jpg

Scooters Create a Risk for North Carolina Residents

According to WRAL, a North Carolina man recently lost his life in a scooter accident. The man was driving a Taotao scooter at approximately 7:00 a.m. when the scooter collided with the passenger door of a Toyota Corolla. The scooter was traveling in a northbound direction and the Toyota was traveling south and making a left turn into a super market parking lot when the crash happened.

The driver of the Toyota suffered only minor injuries and was treated at the scene of the crash, while the scooter driver was killed.

Scooter accidents are a major risk to riders because road scooters are smaller vehicles that are often not seen by other drivers. Scooters also provide limited or no protection to those who are riding them. One study published by the National Institute of Health also warned that “most of the traffic infrastructure does not accommodate the safety of moped and scooter drivers.”

This same NIH-published study also showed that just 17 percent of drivers of mopeds and scooters wore helmets, and that 90 percent did not have insurance. This means accidents can result in significant uncompensated losses for victims of the crash and their family members. However, if the driver of the car was responsible for the crash, neither the lack of helmet nor the lack of insurance coverage for the scooter driver should be relevant. The driver of the car should fully compensate the victim or his surviving family members for losses and damages.

While road scooters are often in collisions, these types of scooters aren’t the only ones that present a health and safety risk. USA Today reports that recreational light weight foot-powered scooters are responsible for as much as a 40 percent increase in the number of toy-related injuries between 1990 and 2011. Light-weight scooters are very different than those used as a means of transportation and are primarily used by children and teens on residential roads.

Falls are the most common mishap that leads to injuries on light-weight electronic scooters. Around 195,363 children visited emergency rooms due to fall-related injuries in 2011 and the injury rate was up to 26.9 per 10,000 kids in 2011 as compared with 18.9 per 10,000 kids in 1990.

With both road scooters and electronic toy scooters presenting such a serious risk, it is important to follow safety precautions when using either type of transportation device. Everyone on any type of scooter to wear a helmet at all times and to make sure that you watch out for others on the roads around you.

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