Tori Spelling Suffers Burn Injury at Japanese Restaurant

According to a recent news report from the Daily Mail, actress Tori Spelling, best known for her role as Donna Martin on Beverly Hills 90210, was at a Japanese restaurant in California when she suffered a serious burn injury.

chopsticks-4-999335-m.jpgAccording to witnesses, Spelling along with her husband, four children, and other guests were at a Japanese hibachi restaurant to celebrate Easter. Spelling was laughing and speaking with their brunch party when she tripped and fell onto a hot hibachi grill. This is a type of restaurant where they cook food at guest’s tables for entertainment.

Witnesses say Spelling fell backwards onto the grill and her right arm hit the grill. She screamed in pain and had what is described as a large burn on the back of her right arm. She apparently remained in the restaurant to finish brunch with her family and friends, and was able to get a better look at the burn when they stepped outside.

One witnesses to the burn injury said you could see Spelling was hurt, but she was trying to be brave for the sake of her children. She first tried to care for the burn at home, but her pain was so intense she opted to go to her doctor.

At this point, Spelling went to doctor who diagnosed her burn as severe and recommend she have skin taken from another part of her body and grafted to her burn wound so it will heal properly. She is said to have questioned her doctor as to whether a skin graft was actually necessary, but he informed her she was at serious risk of developing an infection if they did not proceed with a skin graft.

Her family has stated the skin graft was a success and she must now spend several days healing, as those who love her pray for a speedy and full recovery. Her doctor was the same surgeon who treated many Los Angeles firefighters in the past as well as Richard Pryor when he allegedly tried to kill himself in 1980 by setting himself on fire. Spelling also claims she is suffering severe neck pain as a result of her fall injury, but is unwilling to have spinal surgery to correct the problem.

As our Winston-Salem burn injury attorneys have seen all too often, burn injuries are among the most painful type of personal injury. Burn injuries can also lead to serious nerve damage, and in some cases when there is a fourth-degree burn, even bone damage. It should be noted while most people are aware there are three degrees of burns, the medical community also classifies the most severe burns as fourth-degree burns.

A fourth-degree burn is a full thickness burn in which bone material is also destroyed, and can be caused by exposure to extreme heat, fire, caustic chemicals, and electricity. In addition to the pain and suffering, burn injuries often involve a great deal of expensive treatments such as vascular surgery to repair nerve damage and to prevent infection.

It’s important for those who have suffered a burn, particularly at a business establishment, to seek legal counsel to discuss the potential for compensation.

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