Famous Philadelphia Chef Suffered Serious Spinal Cord Injury in Amtrak Crash

In the days immediate following the fatal Amtrak derailment accident in Philadelphia, we were seeing around-the-clock coverage of the incident. Each day, we learned new details about the speed of the train and some of the conditions surrounding the deadly derailment.

ready-chef-1382058-m.jpgAt one point, there was speculation bullets hit the train and two others in the immediate area, and, after the FBI said this did not occur, the focus turned to operator fatigue as a possible cause. We also heard about the number of victims killed in the fatal train accident and the large number of passengers who were injured in the crash.

While the news media has somewhat moved on to other stories, as eventually happens with any major story, we are still learning new information about the train crash. We are also hearing the personal stories of those injured in the derailment.

According to a recent report from NBC Philadelphia, a famous chef and owner of a local restaurant was one of the victims on board the train that day, and as a result of the train accident, he suffered severe injuries to his spinal cord.

A spokesperson for victim’s company said his injuries were substantial, and he will require a lengthy rehabilitation period following the accident. Fortunately, he is showing early signs of making progress with his recovery, and his spokesperson said it would be an “aggressive” rehabilitation process at this point.

It has been reported victim was in the first row of the second car of the train at the time of the fatal derailment incident. When the crash occurred, it is believed he was thrown from his seat and immediately suffered the severe spinal cord injury. First responders provided an assessment and initial treatment at the scene of the train crash before transporting him to a local hospital. Once at the hospital, doctors performed emergency surgery on his spine and did what they could to prevent permanent damage. His family members say victim has been transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility, and he is expected to be there for a very long time during his recovery. Community members and friends have also established a crowd-funding Internet campaign, so people can donate to his recovery.

Our Winston-Salem personal injury attorneys would like to extend our best wishes to him and hope he has complete recovery. We would also like to extend our sincerest condolences to the all of the other victims and their families for any pain and suffering caused by this horrific train accident.

Following an accident such as this one, and accidents that never make the national news, victims and their families are often understandably in a state of shock and confusion. Unfortunately, many liability insurance companies will take advantage of this situation and contact victims or their families immediately following an accident and offer to assist by providing some money or paying some current medical bills.

While the family may very much need this money, the insurance company will require victims to sign a release of liability, which will prevent them for recovering any additional compensation in the future. Victims should also speak to an attorney before accepting any money or signing any agreements.

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