Preventing Personal Injuries at Swimming Pool This Summer

With the school year ending and the weather getting warmer, many families will be heading to swimming pools across the Carolinas this summer. While a trip to the swimming pool can offer a lot of family fun, it can result in serious accidents, which can have a devastating effect on those involved.

1262339_swimming_pool.jpgAccording to a recent news article form WJHG, doctors and hospitals are urging parents to help keep kids safe when in or around a swimming pool. One of the most important things parents can do is make sure children are under adult supervision at all times. A child should never be left alone at a pool. Proper adult supervision can go a long way to prevent drownings and near drownings.

While children of all ages have been victims of drowning, research from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has shown children between the ages of one and four have the highest drowning rates. It is recommended that any infants or toddlers in the pool should never be allowed to get more than an arm’s length from an adult supervisor.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina personal injury attorneys also want to caution parents that older children should also be watched closely by someone close enough to help out in the case of an emergency situation. One of the best things parents can do is make sure there is at least one adult, who has not been drinking alcohol and isn’t distracted by other activities such as eating or becoming deeply engaged in group conversations, watching the pool at all times.

Another way to prevent drownings or near drownings is to always make sure a child is wearing a United States Coast Guard approved personal flotation device suitable for a child his or her age. While some parents may rely upon kickboards of other non-wearable floatation devices, for young children, it is much better to be wearing an approved life vest.
While drowning poses the most obvious risk, there are many other types of personal injuries that occur at swimming pools across the Carolinas each year. Slip and fall injuries are common when children are running on a wet pool deck. A child slipping and falling on a concrete pool deck can suffer a significant person injury including head trauma, which may lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In a worst-case scenario, a child could slip and fall on the pool deck, becoming injured, and then fall into the pool itself where they could then drown.

Diving boards can also pose a significant risk to personal safety. There have been many incidents where a person jumps off the end of the diving board but not far enough to clear the edge of the board. The fiberglass edge may be rough enough on some older boards to cause significant personal injury and lacerations to a victim’s back.

While it is easy for parents to follow these helpful safety tips and closely supervise their minor children, many parents routinely let their children go swim at a friend’s pool or neighbor’s pool. Parents should also make sure a responsible adult with be present during the entire time children are in or around the pool.

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