Amusement Park Safety in the Carolinas

This summer, families across the country will look forward to spending their days at local amusement parks. These places can be a lot of fun and there is often a lot more to do that just go on thrill rides. There are variety of family-friendly shows, water attractions and even nightclubs for the parents.

jubilee-coaster-764424-m.jpgMany will travel to big amusement parks outside of North and South Carolina, like Disney and Busch Gardens, but many will go to large parks in the Carolinas, like Carowinds in the Charlotte area.

While roller coasters aren’t the only source of entertainment, they are still a reason many people come to these theme parks each year. Amusement park operators are aware of this and are constantly competing with each other to attract more tourists by boasting the newest, biggest, and scariest roller coasters. However, according to a recent news article from Market Watch, some of these news rides can pose a serious safety risk to riders.

These days, roller coasters and other major amusement park attractions are designed by a small group of companies who develop rides for parks across the world. For that reason, it is very likely the newest rollercoaster technology in France will be coming to your local amusement park when the latest ride is constructed. While these new roller coasters are increasingly pushing the limits, they are also causing some serious safety concerns.

For example, a London amusement park roller coaster was carrying 16 passengers on one train when that train collided with an empty car still on the track. The four passengers in the front car of the train suffered serious personal injury, and the remaining 12 riders in rear cars were left hanging at a 45-degree incline until emergency workers could get there and evacuate the ride.

Authorities say the same roller coaster was shut down earlier the same day for technical issues, but the amusement park operators decided to re-open the popular attraction later in the afternoon.

One of the reasons amusement parks are building rides that push the limits higher than ever before is because, as consumer technology gets more advanced, people are choosing to stay at home instead of paying money for park admission. This was the likely motivation behind Carowind’s latest ride, Fury 325, which reaches speeds approaching 100 mph and drops riders more than 30 stories.

As our Charlotte personal injury attorneys can explain, if you or a family member is injured at an amusement park, county fair, or other similar attraction, it is essential that you report the injury immediately and seek prompt medical attention. While it will be obvious to park operators if a roller coaster breaks down and people are seriously injured, many riders can suffer from head and neck injuries without park employees noticing. While many are tempted to forgo making a report or seeking first aid, it is important that a record is created at the time of the accident. This will not only make sure you get prompt medical attention, which is essential because early intervention can often help later issues, it will be helpful in proving your injury actually occurred at a particular amusement park and on a particular ride.

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