Woman Suffers Life-Threatening Injury at Baseball Game

Going to a baseball game can be a lot of fun for the whole family, especially at one of America’s great old ballparks like Fenway Park in Boston, which is home of the Red Sox. However, if you sit close to the field, there is always some risk of being injured. As the warning before every major league game states, you should be careful to look out for objects flying into the stands, which can result in serious injury.

fenway-242077-m.jpgAccording to recent article in USA Today, a woman was sitting behind home plate at Fenway Park with her 8-year-old son watching the Oakland As play the Boston Red Sox, when she was seriously injured by part of a broken bat, which came flying into the crowd.

Victim was seated watching the game while Oakland’s third baseman, Brett Lawrie, was up to bat. He swung at the pitch, his bat shattered upon making contact with the ball, and part of the bat flew into the stands. The blunt end of the broken bat barrel hit victim on her forehead. She suffered what first responders, who were already on hand at the park, stated was life-threatening blunt force injury. She was bleeding profusely from her head, while EMT’s worked to control the bleeding. Once she was stable enough for transport, she was taken by ambulance to nearby Beth Israel Deaconess hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

Lawrie expressed his sympathy for the victim and her family and wished her a full recovery. He also stated that Fenway Park does not have as much safety netting as other more modern ballparks to prevent this type of injury,

Witnesses say the game was suspended during the time it took to attend to victim, and police had to console her 8-year-old son who was understandably traumatized by his mother’s injury. The day after the incident, family members reported her condition was stabilized and they believe she will survive this horrific ordeal, though the total extent of the damage, and whether there will be any lasting brain damage, is not fully known at this time.

As our Winston-Salem personal injury attorneys have seen with many clients and their families, a head injury is one of the most difficult things to deal with for a variety of reasons. Despite the vast advances doctors and scientists have made in treating brain injury victims, much is still unknown.

Injuries like this at recreational venues often create challenging issues in the context of a personal injury case. On the one hand, courts have routinely held that some risks are inherent to the very nature of the activity, and, if people participate in these events, they have assumed the risk. On the other hand, if a venue operator knew of a particular risk and could have taken reasonable to steps to avoid the injury, there may be a valid claim. Since the facts in every situation are different, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your actual case.

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