Avoiding Hayride Accidents this Holiday Season

Every year, families across the country jump in the car and head to pumpkin patches or apple orchards for a nice day outdoors. It is nice to enjoy the crisp fall air, eat some good food, and have a fun day. One of the popular activities at these venues is going for a hayride. For those who have never experienced a hayride, it is basically a wagon or work trailer being pulled by a tractor around a farm or into the woods.

pumpkin-wagon-1361404.jpgAccording to a recent news article from Fox, however, sometimes a hayride can end in serious personal injury or death. A three-year-old victim’s mother says she remembers exactly what happened during a recent hayride accident. She said she took two children and her husband to the farm, along with the child’s preschool class as part of class trip.

She said they were all on the hay wagon when it blew a tire. The tractor driver tried to go downhill to avoid an accident but lost control of the tractor, and the wagon with the flat tire started sliding down hill and eventually went into the woods. At this point, she says the tractor took out several small trees, and one of these trees had a bee’s nest in it. The bees were not happy about losing their nest and began to sting the children and parents in the hay wagon. Witnesses say one child was stung several times during what they are describing as the “hayride from hell.”

The driver then tried to back the tractor out of the woods, as it was now full of screaming adults and children, but when he went backwards he apparently lost control again and began sliding for what was described as a long distance. Fortunately, other than the bee stings and a few bumps and bruises, nobody was seriously injured.

The owner of the farm said, with over 20,000 visitors to the farm each fall, they take guest safety very serious. They were asked if they are going to change their policies in light of this accident, but they said, while they were generally doing everything correctly and are extremely safety conscious, they will inspect their equipment more frequently to hopefully prevent future tire troubles while a hay wagon is in motion.

Meanwhile, parents who were riding on the tractor said the accident could have easily been far more serious. They said the hay wagon could have rolled over and a child could have been ejected and then run over. One rider said they would never be back to that farm again. It should be noted that farm owner has not been alleged to have been negligent by any formal process, and no criminal charges have been filed as of the time of the publishing of this blog entry.

While some activities are inherently dangerous, certain family outdoor activities should not pose much of a risk, absent negligence on behalf of the operators. One of the most important things you can do if you or a family member is injured in such a manner is to make sure to report your injuries as soon as possible and never refuse medical attention. If the EMTs believe you have an injury serious enough to warrant going to the hospital, you should never decline their offer. Going to the hospital will create a record that your Rock Hill personal injury lawyer can use to help prove your case.

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